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DR said it is a BOY but not 100% sure

I am 18 weeks and the Dr agreeded to take peek to see what we are having. Hoping for a girl cuz I have two boys already. Anyway he said it was a boy but he was not 100% sure. He said he rather have the ultrasound techs confirm it. I have to go back in 2-3 weeks for another ultrasound for all my measurements.The same Dr told my girlfriend that it was a boy but not sure and went back 3 weeks later and it was a girl! Has anyone ever had this happen to them?
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hi,it happens.may be later ultrasound will tell the gender but not 100%.
i remember a case told by my cousin.a lady wanted a girl after  having 4 boys.(or no baby) u/s shows girl from the very first to last.but a boy born........the baby has to come(the case is very  rare)

so it happens
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It happens, just think in a few weeks the tech will be able to give you a pretty good idea of what the baby is going to be.  They have a lot more training and are pretty on target with their decision.
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Thanks for the advice! I will keep you posted.
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Such a bummer, this exact situation happened to me.  I went to the Dr and they told me that I should be able to know by that particular visit - pending the babys cooperation.  and then she said, I beleive its a boy, but i am not 100% sure.  I was like grrrr.   I was so eager to know for sure.  they told me by my next visit which is in 3 weeks, that I will know for sure.  that seems so far away.  
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