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Has anyone else experienced bladder spasms???

Ok ladies, since yesterday (9/21) I have been having these bladder spasms that are REALLY uncomfortable. I had a Dr's appt today and they sent my urine off to be tested. It comes in waves and lasts about 15 seconds. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do? I am so uncomfortable. Any help would be great.
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I'm 23 weeks and I've been put on bed rest, and diagnosed with Incompetent cervix, gets.diabetes, I'm over weight by 15 pounds yet have only gained 4 pounds so far with baby.

Last ultrasound showed her head is right at the cerculage.

I also have been getting the bladder spasms, my itinerary test came back negative, so my best guess is my baby is moving or learning the drums. Since she is so low already.

Keep us posted on what your dr says it helps knowing I'm not alone in this..
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Thanks ladies!
I get the test results back tomorrow. Still had a rough night last night & this morning so my Dr prescribed something to stop the spasms. I got concerned because they were coming every 2 to three minutes and everything was tightening up. I'm still having them but they are not as intense or frequent.  I'll keep you posted on the results.
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I agree that you did the right thing having it tested. I havent experienced what you are describing, but I know that my girl practices drumming on my bladder!
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You did the right thing getting tested. This is what women often say when they have a kidney infection. But sometimes it is normal. With all the extra pressure as Tarobinc mentioned both from baby and our uterus it is possible to make it spasm at times.
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I had the same bladder waves of pain few weeks ago.  It went away and I hope it was due to baby pushing on it.  
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I have this and feel its due to the baby's position, like I think she is kicking it.  I know the bladder takes a "beating" while we are pregnant.  Its basically "crushed" from the ever expanding uterus and depending where the baby is lying, extra weight can be placed there.

Having a urinalysis is a wise move.  It will hopefully rule out a uti.
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