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im 6 weeks 5 days pregnant and for the past few days my breasts havent been hurting like they were. That was like my only symptom i had. they barely hurt at all now. heard the babys h/b last week at 6 days. can this be normal for pregnancy symptoms to be like this????  worried cause i have m/c twice before.
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Symptoms this early will come and go. U'll be feeling great one day and sick the next. Hang on..You can feel great and everything can be fine at the same time:)
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My bbs are tender on and off.  I guess it's not uncommon.
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Pregnancy symptoms wax and wain for sure. One minute I feel fine the next my blood sugar drops and im looking for a chair! My boobs dont hurt as much this time as with my last pregnancies BUT my morning sickness is far worse (I lost the last baby) I would only be worried if you had lost ALL your pregnancy sypmtoms. There really is no way to gauge - I had very painfull boobs in my last pregnancy yet the baby had died weeks before. Some women dont have a single symptom throughout and it differs with each pregnancy. If you have no bleeding or cramping I really would not worry bless you

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my tender bbs seemed to ease off alot around 6 weeks and I also got a little nervous...but then a few days later at 7 weeks came the nausea which eased up around 9 weeks.  (NOW)  I bet it will be the same for you.  I wouldnt worry to much over it....it's completely normal.
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hey! first congrats on being preggo!  i wanted to let you know that i'm 16 weeks pregnant and i seriously never had any symptoms!  i actually had red blood for almost 6 weeks and the baby is doing great!  my bb's were a tiny bit sore but it didn't last very long at all.  don't worry!  every pregnancy is different-  you are all in my prayers!  best of luck!
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i have had symptoms off and on also. i am almost 10 weeks and it used to worry me too. i do also think every preggo woman is different. i am learning to be happy when i can lay comfortably on my chest! i actually feel better when i don't wear a bra... not appealing but i only do that at home ;)
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Mine had been off and on, but now they just seem to be on constantly. I am 8 weeks and 4 days now. The nausea is about the only thing that comes and goes, but mostly it just comes. No vomiting. My BB's are fairly tender constantly now and they have grown to even larger proportions. I am tired all the time. So, just hang in there. It won't be too much longer and you'll have everything in the book.
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Agree with everyone has said.  I lost my nipple tenderness the same day I saw red blood. Obviously I assumed the worst. Two follow up u/s confirmed baby was doing fine and growing normally!  Since then, my tenderness has returned and I've had new pregnancy symptoms I hadn't experienced before - nausea, vomiting, fatigue.  Best wishes!  
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I think I might be pregnant but I'm not sure if I am just getting my hopes up. I feel sick to my stomach off and on and sometimes when I sit up or stand I get dizzy and lightheaded. No noticable change with my bb's like there was with my first pregnancy. So far every test has been negative and my last period was a few days shorter and much lighter than normal.
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I'm nearly 7 weeks pregnant. My symptoms, sore bbs, nausea, and  tiredness have been decreasing for the last week to nearly nothing.  I had u/s and saw the heartbeat, all was fine 2 days ago.  Just nervous because with my 1st pregnancy 8 years ago the symptoms just kept increasing through the 1st trimester, and I was told that was a good sign.. should I worry?
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