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Hiya Guys, Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers but keep going we still need them :)

The hospital rang today to tell me that Kalen had not had a bowel movement and they had noticed his anus was very small so they were transferring him across town (only really five minutes away from the hospital he was in) to have a surgeon check him out. They said if it was necessary they would make it bigger. I was okay at hearing this, I wasn;t worried but cried when I got off of the phone :(
They didn't have a bed for Jack so they may be separate for a while.
When we got to the LGI (second hospital) they had sent transport for Jack too because he had the same problem.
The surgeon checked him and they inserted these metal rods into their anuses to stretch them a bit (I think) This was not pleasant to watch :((
Their anuses have not formed properly (nothing to do with being premature) apparently this is quite common. They are holding fire at the moment (which is good because intially we thought they were going to operate straight away) because babies don't have a movement that regularly and they checked and their stomachs were not distended so they will leave it for the moment until it become a problem.
So we are praying that my babies have a poo..okay :))

In the worst case senario they will need a bigger anus but this is complicated surgery to do on tiny tiny babes so instead they will give them a stoma (side opening, like a colostomy bag I think) and sort the anus problem out wh they are much bigger.

So I guess this was a bad day as they go but they still are off of all the tubes and since they moved them they are in their own room together and side by side instead of in two separate rooms so I fel better that they have each other.

I'm still very positive and I know my babies are strong like their Mummy and Daddy.

I just have to get my boobies making some milk. I keep expressing every couple of hours and I get more and more but by this I mean more and more drops. Nothing to collect yet but my Midwife says it will come and not to get stressed and apparently my boobs will find it hard because they were not ready to start doing this yet.

No one knows why I went into labour, it has been listed on my notes as Spontaneous labour and in the booklet on premies I got this is very very common in multiple births. There are another set of twins in the first hospital born Thursday night at 27W4D and when we moved to LGI there are another set of 28 week twins. I convinced myself all week it was something I had done but I spoke to the 27 week Momma and she said it was her birthday Tuesday and she had half a glass f champagne and thinks its because of that!! I said clearly its normal to want to blame ourselves and after that I decided not to play that game anymore.

Keep Praying xxxxxxx
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I am so sorry your boys had such a stressful day!  I hope they can poo and will not need any surgery.
Many hugs!!!
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Ouch!  Poor babies!  That sounds like it hurts!  Hopefully they will be able to do it on thier own soon so that they wont have to have any surgery. Hang in there, we are thinking of you and your beautiful babies!!
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Awww I'll still pray for you all and hope everything comes out wonderful for you all.  I have high hopes for your boys and they sound like they're going to be ok :)  Just keep thinking positive hun and you're always in my thoughts!!

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dont think negative, at least you got to see your boys early.
dont worry they are going to be fine I know it, my sister had her babies around 28 weeks and now they are 7 years old, and they are doing great, there is nothing wrong with them. so always think positive....
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I am so glad to hear that they are doing fairly well as preemies go. I'll keep you in my prayers as you and your family go through this. It really is difficult, so if possible find a support group for parents of premature multiples. My sister has joined one even though she only has one baby. He was born May 6th around 22 weeks (they keep changing this) and is still in the NICU right now. He is almost 10 lbs but still having breathing problems and developed MRSA, so it may still be longer for him. I pray they stay healthy and get to come home soon. What were their measurements? If you already posted, I haven't had a chance to read.
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