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prego signs but cervix is low & stomach feels softer then yest. Am i not prego?

Hi I had my right ovary & tube removed 3years ago due to an absess which "popped" and the mess inside left my left tube& ovary with some scar tissue damage. The doctor said 3yrs ago that I should be able to conceieve within a year. I haven't had any luck but I also just started REALLYY trying again as I decided to just wait and see if it happens a year ago when I felt hopeless. I didn't know barely anything about ovulation or checking your cervix or bbt or any of the things there are to help you concieve until 2 months ago. With my son (5yrs old), I apparently just got lucky and BD'ed at the right time! I'm 10-12dpo (not 100% positive which day) and I've had cramping since 2 days before O (counting as if im 12dpo) and the cramping is still here, mostly just on my left side. My breast are tender and fuller and I've been extremely tired to the point that I've been randomly passing out. My period is due in 3days but my mind is going crazy waiting! My lower stomach feels like its being stretched on the inside and I have lowerback pains but today I felt my stomach and it just felt softer then it has since O and my cervix is low, medium, and I'm not sure about the open or closed part yet. Does this mean im not prego?? Someone plz help!
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I know nobody replied but while I was looking through posts I kept wondering, "DID ANY OF THESE COME BACK POSITIVE?!" But they were all very old and no answers. So for now & the future, so anyone with these same symptoms know, I WASN'T pregnant. I actually DID come down with the flu my 1st month of trying! Lol SO CONFUSING! But just because it didn't happen for me YET, doesn't mean its not happening for you! Every woman is different! keep your head high and have high hopes! It'll happen. It took me 5yrs to conceieve my beautiful 5yr old boy so I should have know it wouldn't of been so easy for me now especially since my odds have gone down over the past 5yrs! I'm sure I will have my days of feeling hopelessness but ill always have faith that it will happen. ~Baby dust to all~
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