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14 week pregnant-Fluttering?

Hi ladies,

I am due on Jan24 and new to this forum. I am currently 14 weeks, and other than fatigue I am not feeling pregnant. My nausea got better at around 13th week, I dont experience much round ligament pain and am not showing either. I am constantly worried about the baby. I was wondering if any of you feel fluttering or any sign of pregnancy at this point. Am I worrying too much?

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Wow we have same due dates!!! I do however feel pregnant but I am expecting a set of twins so good be feeling it a bit more then with a singleton. I still have trouble with my nausea from time to time and worry a lot myself. I have felt flutters on my side since about week 9-10 if I'm remembering right. It has been awhile and a lot has happened in this short time frame. Other noticeable symptoms are mood swings and breast tenderness that won't go away lol. It's normal to worry but do try to calm yourself a bit. I have to do the same things. Is this your first child? These are my first and I worry about everything because of a history of miscarriage. Hope I've helped calm ya a bit!!
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Thanks for your response and congrats for your pregnancy:). This is my first child, and I too have a history of miscarriage. I think that is why I constantly worry about this pregnany. I hope everything goes smoothly for all of us.
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Im also 14 weeks and have no symptoms except tender breasts, i worry about the baby all the time and wonder if its still there;),, but small symptoms still occur such as gas and lots if bloating, back pain once in awhile and other things....im pretty sure I'm worrying for nothing.
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