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Vaginal breech delivery vs Cesarean

I'm 36 weeks with a breech baby.  Today I had an ECV where they tried to turn the baby externally.  It failed!  Baby's bum is too far into my pelvis so it wouldn't budge after 3 attempts, and boy was it painful!  At my appt. next week the Dr. will discuss the pros and cons of a vaginal breech delivery and a cesarean then I have to decide what I want to do.  I'm leaning towards a cesarean because the thought of a natural delivery with a breech scares me!  I'm so disappointed because now I can't have my baby naturally at the birth centre where I had my first two.  But my main concern is the baby's health so I will do what's best for my child.  There's still a chance my baby could turn on its own in the next 4 weeks but it's very unlikely due to it's position in my pelvis.  I'm interested to know what most people would do in my situation... please vote!!  
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Do you know what type of breech presentation the baby is? My neighbor just delivered a breech baby in the frank position. Butt first with the legs extended. She delivered really fast and there weren't any complications. I'm sure your doctor will give you some great advise. Do what you are most comfortable with.
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I am almost 35 weeks and still breach.  My doctor will recheck me next week and if I am still breach, will attempt the external version.  I too have thought about what to do.  I personally will chose a c-section since I don't want anything to happen to the baby.  I believe it will be easier on the baby but much harder on me.  Keep us posted.
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For me it would really depend on if the doctor that will be delivering the baby is experienced with breech deliveries. I'm sorry thats not much help but its definitely something to think on for a while. luckily you still have a few weeks, i would ask your OB whats their history for breech vaginal deliveries. i'm not sure what i would do in your position, i'll be 36 weeks sunday and they havent done another u/s since 20 weeks so i'm not sure if she is breech or not, my doc said she's pretty sure she isnt from where they find her HB and from what she can feel from just my belly. So we'll see. I wish you the best of luck and just follow your gut.
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Thanks guys!
Spikett77- the baby is in frank breech position, apparently the best position for a breech vaginal delivery.
Kathy421- I hope your baby turns on its own. If not hopefully you have better luck with your ECV!
Shayne1989- there are a couple of Dr's at the hospital who specialise in vaginal breech deliveries- they have done heaps so I would feel pretty safe. I'll wait to hear what they have to say next week and then decide... it will be a hard one!
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thats good then, i would do the same thing you are doing if i were you, see what the docs have to say that specialize in it and talk about the risks and everything. I hope the baby turns on its own and you won't have to worry about it at all!
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Yes, the frank breech position is what is the best from what I understand too. I'm sure you will be able to make an informed decision after meeting with the docs that specialize in the breech delivery.
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Personally because I was induced with my son and had to have a c-section I am very partial to having a VBAC, but I do believe there are too many risks if the baby is breach... In my own personal case I would have to take a c-section. But in your case it seems as if you have great Drs around you and both options.

I voted for natural breach- My reasoning for that is due to the recovery process; I was miserable and a first time mom recovering from a bad epidural and my c-section that caused an infection. Hints the reason why I am going for a VBAC this time.. so far thankfully MarLea is head down, but still has to decened into the birth canal to make this happen for us, other wise I have no choice. =(

I think once you speak with the specialist you will have a better idea and facts to make your best decision. Good luck which ever way you choose and I hope you and your baby either way are healthy!
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I have read that babies drop later for second, third,etc. births. So Marlea will probably drop but not till very close to your labor day. I think it's funny that babies drop earlier for first time Moms.
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Usually any birth's after your first you don't really feel the "drop"  I am on my 4th and she has already dropped but I felt no difference. She may have always been very low.  I just know that I ache down there and have for at least 6 weeks.  I don't remember feeling this way with my last.  I asked my husband lastnight if I complained like this with the last one and he said no.  Subsequent babies do tend to drop right before birth.  Just remember each and every pregnancy is different all the way through. None of myne have been the same.  Just think 8 months ago we were anxiously waiting for our BFP's now we are anxiously waiting for our babies arrival.
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I heard that just the other day that the 1st babies tend to drop by 37weeks, but 2nd, 3rds, etc dont- funny how that works, unless our pelvis's over compensate to heal and get back to position?

I talked to my chiropractor today about the baby and position... at the office, they all agree I am showing external signs that she has dropped several inches since last week. The Dr did a re-exam since I've had 12 adjustments, he stated there is pressure points/accupunture points that can assist with going into labor naturally. He said they are willing to help me with that the week of my due date and hope to get me the VBAC.

I have been keeping a very open mind and optomistic about everything.. I keep thinking to my self- mind over matter and happy mind = healthy pregnancy. The less stress I personally cause my self, the harder it will be on my body.

I will repost tomorrow after I have my 38week check- see if we have any signs of progression. Still today no contractions or BH =(
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I just read an article about breech babies...

"...Breech position is also more common in babies with neuro-muscular problems because they do not have the coordinated movements to move to a head down position."

My baby has pretty much been breech for all my check ups, I am so worried now.
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Ask the specialist you're going to see.. I havent heard of that- but I am no DR. I hope that doesnt happen to you/baby and all goes well!! Lots of hugs and luck- hope your worries subside.
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The Dr pretty much laughed at me when i asked him about this, and told me to stop worrying and to stop googling!! Thanks Caralea :)
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My baby has been breech for the last 14 weeks - Head is up and in my left upper quadrant, just beneath my left rib cage.

It is so hard not to worry.  I keep wondering why my little one isn't doing summersaults like the other babies we read about?

I think it is natural to worry about everything, but overall, it's probably not good for our health.  We have no control over that - we should focus on what we do have control over - eating right, walking, keeping a positive attitude, etc.  I need to heed my own advise.

Take care!  I just had another ultrasound today - still breech - large baby - measuring 37 1/2 weeks (and I am at 35 1/2).  The doctor is not too optomistic on this baby flipping by itself, thinks external eversion would be very difficult (first time pregnant, anterior placenta, and large baby), and thinks breech delivery would be difficult with a large baby.  We'll see what next weeks ultrasound shows.  Meanwhile, I will hang upside down on the eversion table, do lots of walking, etc, to see if I can encourage the little one to turn.
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Just wanted to update on how this baby girl is doing.. seen my midwife today.

Baby MarLea has moved in the pelvic bone, thank gosh!! The midwife is a little concerned on how big she is getting, her guess if she had one- is she may end up being in the low 8lb range!!! YIKES. My son was only 6lbs 14oz... and he was born via c-sec. What is an 8 pounder going to feel like for a VBAC???

BP was normal, no sugar/protein in urin, HR 140, lost 1lb from the 4lbs I gained with the other midwife last week.

Going to speak to a lactation specialist tomorrow about my concerns on breastfeeding.

Hope I get some good answers and this baby has better luck!!

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My baby's head has always been in the same position aswell but on the right side under my rib cage, my placenta is anterior too. Being your first baby, I wonder if your abs are too tight making it hard for the baby to turn. I read in a midwifery book that that can be a reason for first time mums.  I'm thinking our bubs are just comfortable in that position and maybe a little lazy..lol!  I'm trying not to worry, hundreds of babies are born breech every day and are perfectly healthy (I was one myself!), and you're right, we should focus on what we DO have control over.

I am currently doing acupuncture,  I have 2 more sessions... during the session I do feel big movements taking place but once it's over that head is still in the same spot! If the baby doesn't turn I thought about having it naturally, but after talking to the Dr there are too many risks in my eyes... so my caesar date is set for the 30th December, 11 days away!

Good luck with getting your baby to turn naturally, let me know how you go :)
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Thanks for your message - keep me posted as well.  I too continue to worry.

I think my abs are tight - I'm carrying the baby high and many people can't believe I'm as far along as I am since I don't look that pregnant.  At my last ultrasound appointment, the doctor said I was measuring about 2 weeks bigger than my dates (ie:  37 1/2 weeks and I was 35 1/2 weeks) (I know my dates are accurate since I had IVF).  

He said it would be very difficult to do an external eversion since it's my first  pregnancy, anterior placenta, and large baby.  We'll see what happens.  If not, I'll probably be headed for a C-Sx on or around Jan 11th.  (I do like that date:  1/11/11).

In the meantime, I'm staying active - we do have an eversion machine at home, so I'm hoping that if I hang upside down, that he will flip naturally.  So far, no luck.

Keep me posted as well.
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I was a breech at 27weeks & had terrible pains including backache. On the 13th Oct....I had a cesarean & was blessed with a beautiful babygirl. The opp is too painful & I am unable to do anything. Doctor said I should heal around 6weeks but boy! Its too painful!
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