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almost 12 weeks

Hey ladies i have a quick question...I have been having bad panic here the last few nights..i use to have anxity attacks but i have not had them for awhile..I am under a little stress but not so much that i would be going through this again..i lay in bed at night and i cant breath and i feel like im going to get sick and sometimes it has got to the point to where i get really scared and think something is wrong....has any of you gone through this and what did you do about it,i do not want to take medication....thanks for any help or advise oh yea those who dont know me i am almost 12 weeks preg lol
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Hi there,
I can understand because I am sure I had a small anxiety attack on Saturday. I actually thought something was wrong because I was having blurry vision, white spots in the corners of my eyes, rapid HB, and feeling like something was terribly wrong. I ended up taking a small amount of xanax .25. I talked to my doc about it and asked if there were any other options. She said if I feel like that again to take a tylenol pm or benadryl. Something to make me sleepy. Also the meds that they give for severe morning sickness has been shown to help with anxiety she said. Otherwise I would say relaxed breathing and what not. But I know how scary those can be! I hope I was able to help a bit.
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thank you so much for posting back...yea im scared of taking meds just because i get addicted easy lol..but i know they say to take benadryl but then i freak out more when i start getting sleepy and think im dieing i know to some people it may sound silly...but to me it is really scary but i guess im just going to have t talk to my doctor on the 21st and she what he says hopefully that wont get to bad before then but thanks so much for your help
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Hi katsmommy
I'm sure everything is ok but I went through a similar situation, with my first son when I was 6 months I started hyperventilating and I had to go to hospital and was monitored only to be told I was dehydrated and over worked myself so I just had to take it easy.

With my third pregnancy I miscarried at 14 weeks but my son stopped growing at 11 weeks.  Around the 11 week mark I remember sitting on the couch and I was hyperventilating like I couldn't breathe.  It kind of felt like my heart was racing so I tried to calm it down my breathing slowly and trying to control it.  This happened on two different occasions and then all of a sudden it stopped.  

I am now 7 weeks pregnant and about a week ago I had shortness of breathe and everytime I would catch my breathe I would get butterflies, it drove me nuts and freaked me out, it sort of felt like nerves before a speech if that makes sense.  I had it for about 4 days continuously.  I am now a bit concerned it is my body trying to tell me something is wrong again or was I just having them because I am so stressed about this pregnacy. I am going to see my doctor and have an ultrasound this week.

I hope I haven't scared you but I know the feeling and it is horrible.  I'm sure your baby is fine and I pray my baby is ok as well.  I hope you have an awesome pregnancy.
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katsmommy - I don't think you sound silly at all.  I've dealt with anxiety (and depression) a great deal in my 20's (I'm 34 now).  I know how awful it can be and how frightning the panic attacks are.  I'm sorry that I don't have any good advice for you, but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

I've been battling with anxiety through this pg (had a m/c in 2008), but it hasn't been unbearable yet and I'm just taking one day at a time.  Except at my first OB appt, I broke down crying begging for a u/s because I was convinced something was wrong.  She wouldn't give one to me, but we did listen to the HB and then I was calm again.

I worry over everything!  I worry that I'm on my blackberry too much and that may hurt the baby.  I freak out when I notice the TV remote control is too near my tummy, etc etc.  But I take deep breaths and try to relax.  I also bought a fetal heart monitor and that has helped a great deal to reassure me.  I figure as long as I can hear the HB, everything must be okay.
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