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Baby Products

This is more out of curiosity and boredom than anything else.  Just wondering what products everyone is using.
Copy and paste the below and answer what you are using and leave comments about why.

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I am just using Tide in the washer. I wash all London's stuff with our stuff. So I through in a dryer sheet in the dryer also! He is just fine with it. No reaction. I am glad of that!
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jenkaye/carebear:  Are you just using regular Tide?  Just wondering bc Dreft is soooo expensive; I'm really looking to change over to something different.
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A. Pampers size 3 cruisers
B. Huggies sensitive skin
C. Aveeno
D. Only use vaseline or aquaphor(he has slight eczema)
E. Use Desitine with every single diaper change. Just because!
F. Gerber #2's and Beechnut #2's
G. Tide
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A.  Love Pampers (like everyone else) but usually use the Walmart brand Parent's Choice.
B. any
C. Suave kids shampoo
D. Johnson's
E. none- never needed it!
F. Beechnut; some homemade
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A. DIAPERS- Pampers I have used Huggies but JT could pee just a little and already start smelling like pee.
B. WIPES- Pampers or Huggies
C. BATH PRODUCTS- Johnsons regular and night time
D. LOTION- johnsons and eucerine
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT-a&d or desitin luckily JT hasn't had one and hopefully it will stay that way.
F. BABY FOOD- Gerber, earth's best, Organics
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A. DIAPERS- Pampers (size 2 have a whole supply of the 2-3 for when he is ready)
B. WIPES (Almost any brand that is unscented, but mostly huggies)
C. BATH PRODUCTS - Johnsons, bedtime or reg.  
D. LOTION- Johinsons- bedtime for the bottom half of him, but the reg for the top (I like the way it smells better LOL!)
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT- A and D, never had a diaper rash though (knock on wood)
F. BABY FOOD- Have Gerbers but actually like the jar kinds better- the Gerber makes a mess when you peel those tops off!!
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT - Target or Dreft

Thanks ladybug!  I am a curious one myself =)
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A. DIAPERS - Pampers (currently on stage 2-3, just learned there was a "between stage").
B. WIPES - Pampers sensitive or regular
C. BATH PRODUCTS - Arbonne baby care products (a gift I got a lot of)
D. LOTION - Arbonne baby (again, a baby shower gift that I happen to LOVE).
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT - Boudreaux's Butt Paste
F. BABY FOOD - Gerber Organic 1st Foods sweet potatoes, pears, peaches
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT - Target's version of Dreft
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A. DIAPERS-Pampers---love them...hold alot in
B. WIPES--Pampers Sensitive or Regular
C. BATH PRODUCTS-Johnson bathtime bubble bath and Aveeno wash
D. LOTION-Johnson nighttime lotion
F. BABY FOOD-half homemade and half bought
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT-Purex baby soft---smells soooo good.
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A. DIAPERS- - G diapers (clothes diapers line)
B. WIPES- -Clothe wipes with clothe diapers warmer.
C. BATH PRODUCTS- Johnson and Johnson but looking to switch to something organic
D. LOTION- Johnson.
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT- Burt's Bee organic.
F. BABY FOOD- homemade, I use the Beaba baby food maker
G. LAUNDRY Detergent- I started with Dreft but switched to GREEN baby detergent.
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A. DIAPERS - Pampers, they really are the best.
B. WIPES - Pampers sensitive (Aloe vera), once again I can only promote Pampers products, Medina doesn't get diaper rash from them.
C. BATH PRODUCTS - Weleda Calendula, smells wonderful and soothes the skin.
D. LOTION - Also Weleda Calendula.
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT - Medina has had diaper rash once but that was from the antibiotics she was taking when she had her operation
F. BABY FOOD - Homemade :-)
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT - For sensitive skin, or forpeople prone to allergies. I also use a disinfectant.
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A. DIAPERS - Pampers.  I tired Huggies but they didn't fit Joel as well.
B. WIPES - Huggies Aloe Vera.  Joel seems to do well with these.
C. BATH PRODUCTS - Johnson and Johson head to toe
D. LOTION - Johnson and Johsnon and Cetaphil when he had a rash.
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT - Desitin.  I put it on him at night when he is in a wet diaper for an extended period of time.
F. BABY FOOD - Gerber
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT - Tide free which is scent free.  At first I used Dreft but the doctor said I could use anything that was scent and tye free so I switched.
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A. DIAPERS - Pampers - everything else has leaked like crazy and had blowouts.  Using Swaddlers for now, but have bought Cruisers for the next stage.  Wish I could cloth diaper but my hubby says NO!
B. WIPES - Pampers and Huggies so far.  Cash hasn't had any problems with these, so I just use whatever I have a coupon for.
C. BATH PRODUCTS Well, I started with Huggies and Cash got really dry skin, switched to Johnson and Johnson and saw not improvement, switched to Aveeno and saw alot of improvement but it still isn't as moisturized as I would like, so I just orderd Mustela bath and lotion products, so we'll see when it comes in how it does for him.
D. LOTION see above
E. DIAPER RASH TREATMENT Cash (thankfully) hasn't really had a diaper rash, but when I see a little bit of redness anywhere in the diaper area I put A&D ointment on it or Baby Budreux Butt Paste on it.  I love the Butt Paste bc it always works and I get the all natural organic kind as well.
F. BABY FOOD Started with Gerber Organic and then started using some of the Earth's Best as well.  I am now trying my hand at making some at home, so we'll see.
G. LAUNDRY DETERGENT I have used Dreft the whole time, but am interested to see what you ladies are using bc Dreft is SOOOO expensive!

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