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Soooooooo Sick!

Any advice?  I am 6 weeks and sooooo Nauseous all day long!  Help!!!!!
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Sorry to hear your nauseous all day long. I get nauseous off and on but I found eating smaller amounts more often helps.
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Sometimes I think the nausea will never go away. I'm on the strongest of the strong for nausea and vomitting and I still get nausea.
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have you tried any type of tea?  some say it settles your stomach... on the bright side, it is generally a good sign of a healthy pregnancy
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I'm so jealous of you, haha. Try just eating really mild foods, like what you would eat when you have the flu. Dry toast, saltines, ginger ale, bananas, rice, baby food. Keep some crackers by your bed and eat a bit before you get out of bed, maybe DH could bring you some orange juice before you get out of bed too so you get sugar into your blood stream to calm any dizziness.
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I read today that lemonade and things with ginger in it (tea, soda, cookies).  Also eating snacks/smaller amounts throughout the day so you don't get hungry helps too.  Good luck.
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