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Baby updates - September 2010

How are you ladies all going? We must all be pretty busy with our bubs because no one has posted for a month!

Is your baby smiling yet?
Tessa has about 3 times now. It is supposed to happen at around 6-8 weeks and she is 7 weeks today.

How did your 6 week check up go?
Tessa measured 56cm (4cm growth since birth) and weighed 4.2kg (up nearly 1/2 kg). She still fits oooo.

How is your bub sleeping at night? Are you getting any sleep?
Tessa has her last feed at 9pm and her dad puts her to sleep (he usually succeeds between 11-12pm). She wakes up between 3-5am for a feed and then wakes up between 6-9am and stays up. Tess is definitely the best sleeper I've had.

Well, I should probably go wake her up now. It is 8.55am and she feed last at 5am and I don't want her to have more than a 4 hour gap. Hope you are all doing well and loving mummyhoood! xx
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Yes definitely busy as heck lol.

Grey has been smiling since about 3wks...we have pictures to prove...REAL smiles! Kahlan didn't smile until about 6/7wks. still working on the laughing though...he's sooooooooooo so close.

Grey doesn't get a check up until 8wks either...he goes to bed for the night at about 930, sleeps until about 230/3...wakes up to eat, then goes back to sleep until about 6/630 (which is perfect because that's when Daddy wakes up for work so he gets to see his little man before he leaves)...and then he goes back to sleep until about 10. He's awake from about 10-130, naps until about 330, then he's awake until about 5, sleeps until 7, up from 7-930 and the cycle starts all over again...he usually eats 3-5 oz a feeding and trust me we don't force the 5oz on him...he's a really fast grower. he's already 24.5 inches (he may be closer to 25 now haven't measured in about a week and a half) and he only weighs about 10lbs...so he's very very long and slender just like his daddy (5'11" and 135lbs). His sister at this point was 24inches and 10lbs so I think he's just going to be a bit taller.

Grey is a little joy baby...he's even happier than his sister was and she was a VERY happy/easy baby...the one problem with him is his scream. he sounds like a leaky tea-kettle boiling...he's like SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lol...sorry but that's the only way to describe it. I always jokingly say "it's okay little girl"...but you know I won't say it once he's older.

anyway...I'm so glad you guys are all doing well! it's good to hear from some of my fellow july mommies!
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Hi!!! I know we must have all just been extremely busy...

Yes my little princess is smiling...She has also started sticking her tongue out...LOL
I have my checkup this week and I am already ready for it be over with...My princess has her checkup at 8 weeks...her pedi doesnt do 6 week for some reason..

she sleeps excellent at night...eats at about 8pm goes to sleep shortly after that wakes up between 11 and 1am to eat again and after that she sleeps until I get the kids up at 6 or so...so I cant complain about that...
she is generally a happy baby...brings alot of joy to my home

I am glad that you and Tessa are doing well...Lets keep updated
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