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Position of the baibee and the week you are in?

Hey there, Wishes to all. I was just wondering and thought it would be a good idea to get responses from all of us here about the position their baibees are lying in so that it can be of some comforrt. I went in for my 30 week ultrasound and my baby is in breech position. Was wondering whether he would turn or not. Also howmany of us have similar positions etc . Please do reply with the position and the week running. Will be a great help for all here.
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I'm 30 weeks and bub has been head down for a month now.

Last pregnancy bub didn't turn head down until 36 weeks though, as I had a low lying placenta and it obviously wasn't a comfortable position until the placenta had risen with the uterine stretching at the end of the pregnancy.

I definitely wouldn't worry yet. Some babies even wait until labour starts to turn head down, and odds are more likely that it will happen!
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I am not currently pregnant and have not had children however I know that it can be normal to be into the 30th week of Your pregnancy and for baby to still be in breech position. Reason for this is that a friend who is 32 weeks pregnant asked me this question last week and I looked into it for her. I hope this has been of some assurance. Best of luck
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I am 31wks and my baby has been semi-transverse since about 25wks. He's head down, but he's at a slight angle. I know that I was breech until they did a manual version at 35wks and when I was born at 37wks I was head-down and healthy...so that's always an option if your baby doesn't turn in a month or so... but I wouldn't worry about it yet :).
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I'm 31 weeks and baby has been head down for 2 weeks now. Before that she had always been breech so its still odd to feel kicks so high up lol  One of my other daughters didnt go from breech to head down until I think the last week of the pregnancy.
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I'm 31w and he is head down with his little feet in my ribs. It's too early to worry too much though..my last one didn't turn until around 36 weeks.
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I am 32 weeks and he is breach right now.
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I am 30 weeks and I think she is breached because I am still feeling kicks lower down. I will know for sure at my next ultrasound on June 1st.
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Almost 33 weeks & she's been head down for a couple of months now. I'm carrying her much lower than my first, which makes it feel like I'm ready to deliver any time, but at least I've had no trouble breathing (my 1st crowded my lungs)!
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33 weeks and he is head down and engaged to they said a station -2. he was breech for a long time then I crawled and he turned around and never went back. His but is up to my ribs and his little feet are by my sides or ribs depending on hwat he is doing. He did already drop and now I can breath again:)
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The doctor told me at 30 weeks that my baby already had her head down, but I just got my 32 week utrasound and she moved.  The dr. did tell me that there was a small chance this might happen.   I am hoping she does not stay in the breach position.
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As of last Wed when I was 32 weeks my little guy is still breech...and 5 lbs to boot!  Breathing is getting much more difficult......
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wow..thx a ton to everyone though majority seem to have the head down position beyond 30 weeks. I will keep my hopes up as you all have suggested.really dont want to go for a c section
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I'm 31 weeks and my guy is head down...I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and I'm hoping he doesn't turn.
I wouldn't worry yet, I've read that only 5% of all babies are in a breech position at time of delivery.
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30 weeks she is head down but facing my right side - not back or front..
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Im 32w tomorrow and baby is in the breech/pike position still. :( She was head down for maybe 2 weeks but flipped around again. I'm hoping she makes her way head down soon though since the tech thought she migth now have room to move after 36 weeks. I dunno how true that is though but I wont worry for another month or so too hard. I know some dont do it until labor so they must have enough room until then?
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I'm 37 weeks and I find it hard to catch air it feels terrible does anyone else have this problem
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