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Vision went white and felt like I was passing out..

Has anyone else experienced this? I was shopping today with my mil and husband and we were standing in line. I had been feeling really hot but thought I just had too many layers on. We were talking when all of a sudden my vision slowly started to seem fuzzy and bright (like when a t.v. channel doesn't work) and then it went completely white. I felt flushed and clammy. I told my husband that I felt weird and weak and that we should go, and I was able to walk outside holding on to him. When we got outside my vision returned to normal slowly and I've since felt weak and tired. I figure I'll call my OB on monday or go in if it happens again. It was beyond scary. Any idea what it could have been? I have never felt anything like this. I have since felt really tired and have had a mild headache. I'm 15 weeks along...
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Yes that happened to me twice on my first pregnancy and its a horrible feeling. I did passed out and both time i was alone in a bank line and at a cash register. I was both time held by a random perdon so that i wouldnt hit the floor. I asked the doc and he said it was fine. Also 911 was called at those places and they checked for everything but everytjin was just fine. Now with this pregnancy i try not going out alone bc im so afraid somrthing like this would happen... But you should be fine hun. This type of scenerios happen to preggo women. Try to rest, and good luck!!!
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Sounds like you were about to pass out. I know that feeling, but it has never happened in pregnancy. are you drinking enough fluids? I would take it easy, make sure you are eating and drinking enough and don't over-do anything. It is scary when things like that happen.

I always get this weird thing that seems to happen more in pregnancy, and no one can really tell me why. If I have a dull headache, sometimes my vision starts to go gray and blurry in one eye and I can no longer see out of one eye. It will last for a few minutes and I try to drink a huge glass of water as soon as it happens (not sure if it helps or not, but sometimes I feel like i could pass out and just have to sit down until it goes away.)

You will be okay, but of course I would just mention it to your doc so they know.
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Yep!  That happened to me while on the tour of the maternity ward at the hospital lol!  I had to sit on the edge of the bathtub in the room they were showing us because I was going to pass out.  Good thing I was in the hospital!  I got checked out and everything was fine, just a fluctuation in blood pressure.  I think my tour group got a kick out if lol.  I hung back for the rest of the tour and ate ice chips lol.  You'll be ok, I would feel that way if I got flustered, too hot, a little feeling of needing more space which isn't like me.

Take care :)
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