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Does any one know what type of drug i can get other then the epidural to ease the pain?i live in the U.s CA and i have back problems as it is and a 1st time mom is their anything that works?
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The only other thing would be the analgesic (sp?) Which is similar to the epidural but does effect the baby however does wear off.. just makes the baby sleepy. Not sure what else tho. I'm in oregon. But ask your dr what they recommend. And I'm a first time mom also so I haven't personally had it but my sister did and it provides relief for a while but by the time you get to pushing its worn off
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I've gone through both my labours without a stitch of anything. It is hard but possible. Other things you can try are the gas, demerol and I can't remember what else. Those things mess you up a little bit though. Make you loopy I think.
The best thing to do is get in a zone, breathe, keep in a comfortable position and remember that every contraction brings you closer to seeing your baby.
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The Anesthesiologist assigned to L&D the day you deliver can help you make the right decision. There may only be certain options they are willing to do. If you've had lumbar surgeries like I have had and a spinal fusion that may require a certain type of anesthesia. If your mean your due date I would suggest calling the hospital your delivering at and asking for their anesthesia department which more than likely they will transfer you to the operating room. The head anesthesiologist may be able to help you but be prepared for spending lots of time trying to get thru to someone.
Best of luck to you! I completely understand your concern!
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I too have a horrible back injury. 2 hernieated disks, and siatic nerv is pinched in 2 spots. So I am right were u are. Im horrrrrified of the epidural. Im gonna tryyyy without. I am being induced monday. First time mama as well. Good luck
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Great post! Thanks for bringing the problem up!!! I have been told that they may not ne able to give me the epidural so they said something about knocking me out witch breaks my heart because i want those first momenrs with my baby... i had a spinal tap after my first dicectomy but it took them hours and 7 different doctors to finally call in the 8th from Seattle and he got it thank god i dont think i could have delt witg more pain = [ so now with a fusion... im terrified that one it wont even work and two like they said they wont be able to even do it.... im so happy to know that there are other ftm going threw the same as well as the already mommies expecting... = ] BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!! <3 AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BABIES!!!
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well before i was able to get the epidural i got a dose of oxycodone im.pretty sure it was... nd trust me it stopped me from screaming like crazy i wld defenetly use that again bcs jt seems like my body never reacts to the epidural i end up going natural at lastt
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