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Gender of June 09 Babies

Ok, someone suggested doing a Poll on genders, so here it is......  If you have had a ultrasound, what are you having? If it is too soon, couldnt tell, or you havent had a ultrasound yet to find out gender, let us know that too.
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ok i voted first...when i had my ultrasound they really couldnt tell...BUT i get a 2nd chance in Feb...and hopefully they can see very clearly then.
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Mine is clearly a girl...
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awesome suzie....i think mine will end up being a girl, but want to be certain before i get too excited about it.
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they said 80% chance boy.. so i voted boy
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We had a look twice so far, it was a girl both times....let's hope it stays that way......no other suprises please!
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I voted haven't had an u/s yet, but I have one scheduled for 5:15 pm CST so I hope I can vote again later! Ahhhhhhh I'm so nervous and excited!
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I have a definite boy!. lol
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so exciting....so far we are tied...lol   5 to 5 with a few that havent had u/s yet or tech couldnt tell.  we have one who is letting it be a surprise....for that lady you have wayyy more patience than most of us...lmao
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I have my 18 week ultrasound on Jan. 27 and will hopefully find out. I'll keep you posted!!!
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I had my ultrasound today, and I'm on the blue team!
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Hi! I am 22w 4d today- due June 4th :) At my level 2 US it was concluded its a BOY!  Now Ill have 3 girls and 4 boys :0
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congrats to all who have been able to find out gender.....i go in for ob appt on feb 11...hoping to find out as they are SUPPOSE to be doing a quick peek scan for me...lol

doc asked if i knew what it was at my last appt and i said the tech wasnt real sure, he said he thinks (just from looking at my anamoly scan) that if he had to make a guess he would say girl...BUT then he asked me if i wanted to know for sure and i said "yeah...." as in "DUH"...lol  so he said that regardless of which office or partner i saw that they could do a quick peek....so i am looking forward to it...i will be 23 1/2 weeks so i am sure as long as baby cooperates we will be able to know for sure NEXT WED.
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hi, had my u/s yesterday was told 80% chance it is a girl~ =]
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I go tomorrow for my gender scan.  I cannot wait and I hope baby cooperates.  I already have a 2 1/2 yr old girl.  I will vote tomorrow when I find out.  I am 20 weeks 3 days.
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Congrats to you all that are due in June. I was due June 12 but had a miscarriage the day before Thanksgiving. I am glad you all are having sweet bundles of joys. Congratulations to you all! I took 3 Home Preg Tests yesterday and all were positive so hopefully this one will be better. I like reading what all you guys are having. I wish you guys healthy pregnancies and I would like someones opinion. What does everyone think about the name CHATIN for a boy? Just wondering
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Well the baby wasnt cooperating too well and had its legs close together but the ultrasound tech (who is very good and has been doing this a long time) said there is nothing there that would make him believe that its a boy.  I asked him how sure he was that its a girl and he said 90 percent... so now I will have 2 girls...(lots of gymboree clothes to go around again haha).  I watched the video he gave me and he does an underside shot and I dont see any boy parts either so I think 90 percent is a pretty sure bet.  We are going to do another ultrasound in 8 weeks so I will let ya's know if it changes.  I am going to take back the boy snow suit I bought so it better stay girl lol.
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kissit....that is great that there is that high of a chance since baby had legs closed.  i leave for my ob appt in just a few minutes and according to the doc i saw last month, i should be getting a u/s today. i will post when i get back (lots of running today so might be later on) and let you know what this u/s said IF they do it...lol

good luck to all.... boys are ahead so we need to get some verification of some girls...lmao
lets get it at least tied.  hugs and luv to you all
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well i went to my appt today and it is most definately a girl.
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I am having a boy!
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tasia congrats on your boy
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Thank you Joyce!!!
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I had an u/s at 15 weeks and was told that it was a girl but techinally it was too early to tell.  I had another at 20 weeks and then I was told it was definitely a girl.
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this thread has been neglected for awhile... i am now only a few weeks from delivering via csection (june 1) and although they told me in jan that it "could" be a girl, and in feb that it "was" a girl... in april they said "i see a penis"... soooo i have another u/s in the next week or so and i hope they will check again... cause now i am not sure... ugh
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