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hi friends... I am sorry to say that I am out of the June '10 community... At my first 10 wk u/s, there was no fetal pole seen, only gestational sac and yolk sac :(
Doctor said it is a blighted ovum. I am due for a weekly follow up scan, but I know inside that I have lost my baby, I am also spotting lightly today. Even though the docs say there was "no" baby in the first place, I know how much I have cared and connected with my angel all these weeks. It is tough, but I would be going in for a dnc on the weekend.
In the end, I surrender to God's will, maybe there will be another time. I can't wait to try again.
Good Luck to all of you, wish each one of you the very best.
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That's so horrible, I'm so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor, but you can do it, girl!! You can push on. I can tell you're very strong and you can move on. You'll have your own little angel some day, I promise.
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hi, thanks a ton for your kind words.. Although I am sick to the core and depressed, this site and the wonderful, strong women I have met here, have kept me going strong..

my d&e was very much painless, I did not even know when it got over... in fact in the recovery room... when I was regaining consciousness, I had the feeling that I am yet to be operated on.. and then I got to know that it was all over and done..
so yes.. the procedure was quick and did not hurt at all..

the after effects have been a bit painish-- have crampy abdomen, doc said the uterus would shrink back into its original size so cramps are expected!
She also told me to hold off from trying until 3 months.. so am going to have to wait :(

I just bled for a day after the d&e.. wonder if thats normal.. the doc had told me to expect upto a week of bleeding..
i am now going to wait for my next cycle in a month or so..

I agree thickm.. that God has his own plans for us, the difficulties that we face in life have a meaning behind them.. we only grow stronger with our endeavors... I only wish now.. that I can get pregnant soon again and have a healthy baby this time.. fingers crossed! eyes closed in prayer!!
thank you and loads of good luck to you!
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yes girl it is one nerve racking experience that i would not wish on my worst enemy! even though my pregnancy never progressed past 5 weeks (being i only had a empty sac) the thought of having a baby was so exciting only to lead to heartbreak!!! i dont remember anything from the d&c........and i was in no pain afterwards well at least not physically anyways! good luck hon, always have hope and no that this pregnancy had something wrong with it and god would never give you more then you could handle as far as a sick child!! i had a friend who was on the verge of miscarrying and she used all kinds of stuff to keep her pregnancy going (progesterone, super high levels) and she had a baby with pf syndrome meaning the head closed at 23 weeks and the brain wasnt finished growing, the baby came out deformed and only lived for 10 days (now that was devestating! always know it could be alot worse, continue to pray and ttc!!! good luck
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thank you friends for your encouragement and support... right now, am a bit psyched out.. I had my scan this afternoon. Status Quo.
The doctor has asked me to check in to the hospital tomorrow at 7 am for the d&c.. I am sure the anaesthesia would make it painless, but I am getting nervous... !!
DH is being such a brick! He is around me all the time now, I am thankful to have him with me..

thickm: It sounds like you have been through the exact same phase in july... I feel really encouraged.. thank you.
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so sorry i had a blighted ovum in july 09 at 8 weeks and had d&c! you are in my thoughts sweetie! its not easy
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes it's hard to see God's will but it is always there. Let Him support you and hopefully you can try again.
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im so sorry, its a loss and i wish you the best!
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