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...belly dropped?

.. it seems that my belly dropped!!! I've been experiencing some lower abdominal pain the past 3 days & also some nausea .. its gone now.  Last nigh I noticed myself in the mirror and saw my breasts & belly to be further apart than usual, my baby also seemed to have turned (she was in breech position) as I could feel her movements more abdominal & bit on the side ... my baby shower is scheduled for next weekend - Im hoping we will be there lol ... I've read that its a sign of baby moving into birth canal (I'm scheduled for a c-section on the 13th June ... dont think its going to happen the 13th) - Any of you ladies noticed a dropping in the belly?? Just wonder if one could determine by this "dropping" a time of delivery?
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I have noticed my belly looks lower (further from my boobs), too.  My doctor said her head is down and it's at a +2 station, so she's not low enough to come out just yet.  Not long now, though!  :-)
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My stomach seems to be a bit further away from my boobs a couple of weeks ago. Had a scan 2 days ago and the head has engaged dpi guess this means he is ready. Doc said it still could be another 4 weeks but can't guess since all babies come at different times when they are ready.
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