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Baby food

Just curious who makes there own baby food?  What have you found helpful, and not helpful?  What do you use to make it tools wise??
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I make my own. So far I have only made sweet potatos. I give Blake avocados but I just mash that with a fork.

Here is how I make sweet potatos:

punch holes in sweet potatos, put in oven at 350, Bake for 40 minutes to an hour or however long it takes until the skins just peel off, then put the potatos in the blender, add some formula, puree until smooth.

Just add formula as needed and you will have to stop occaisionally to stir the mixture.

Then when smooth I pour into ice cube trays and freeze and then pop out and put in a giant zip lock bag. I keep it in the freezer until ready to serve.

I just take a couple cubes and pop in microwave for 20 seconds or so and stir. Sometimes if I am going to be running errands I put some frozen cubes in her tupperware bowel and by the time she is ready to eat it has thawed. (I try to have her eat it within a couple hours though)

This same concept works with squash (but boil the squash) and whatever else you want to try. Next I am going to try carrots!
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I make my own.  The only "tools" I use are the stove and blender :)  I prefer to steam everything (it is just easier and since it is still 100 degrees here, turning the oven on isn't an option!).

I make peas, sqaush, and sweet potato.  With the peas, I just buy frozen organic ones in the bag (from Trader Joe's) and let them thaw out.  Then, I just pour the bag into the blender and whirl away.  I do put a little formula in as well to make the consistency smooth.  Then, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and do the same thing as Amy.

As for the squash and sweet potato... I peel both, chop them into small pieces and then put each one in a steamer basket.  I steam them until they are soft and then whirl them away in the blender.  The squash needs no formula, but the sweet potato will.

In my American Association of Pediatrics baby book, it says that if you make your own baby food not to make carrots.  Apparently in parts of the country, carrots can be really high in nitrates (something you are supposed to avoid during pregnancy)... even in organically grown carrots.  It has to do with the soil (and I am sure it has to do with chemicals tossed onto the carrots)  Baby food companies are aware of this, and therefore test their product for high levels of nitrates before making the product.  So, it is advised that you purchase organic carrots from the jar.  I do purchase organic jarred carrots... which is so not a big deal.  It does cost a little more, but I would rather be on the safe side.  I was making her carrots up until I read that.  Ooops!  :/  
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I make my own. Mark eats green beans, sweet potatos, avacado, papaya, banana, peach, brocolli, zucchini, prunes, blueberries, peas, corn, mangos, carrots and rutabega.

To prepare I simply take one day a week to chop, peel and steam everything that needs it. Then I puree it and freeze the food in ice cube trays. Once frozen I separate them into baggies. When I need to prepare the food I defrost whatever combo I need in the mircowave for 20-30 seconds and serve.

I have a baby foods cookbook full of great ideas and combinations for baby that I love. It is by Annabell Karmel...
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I have been making food for Phin as well. Like the others I steam, boil or bake depending on the food then blend until smooth. I freeze without thinning and thin with breastmilk when thawed.

I have been adding to the freezer these past few weeks of having him off solids, so when we start up again he will be taken care of.
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The whole carrot thing isn't that common though. Check out this website about the carrots, but I made them and they are fine. I use organic baby carrots because organic matters on certain veggies.

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actually that website says there is a 0% chance that your baby will have a negative reaction and also that the highest risks are for those who have well water. But definitely read it...it is very interesting.
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i just bought the "as seen on tv" magic bullet bc a friend who makes all her own food said it is a great tool...also a great recipe resource is: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/
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Hey Amy... thanks for the website.  This is probably something I will check with my pediatrician about at her 6 mo. check up.  But, I appreciate the link.  For now, I will buy organic jarred :)  
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