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Do your symptoms come and go?

I am about 5 weeks and due around Mar 18 -- but so far just feel tired, and breasts sore....no morning sickness. I notice my breasts do not hurt as much in the a.m. -- do your symptoms come and go? Is it OK to not always feel pregnant? My stomach is bloated - but sometimes not as much when I wake up. I get low back aches too off and on. Is all of this normal?

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DD March 1 and am 8 weeks today.  There are some days that I feel awesome... not excessively tired, boobs feel great, and I don't feel like I am going to throw up.  BUT... the next day, let me tell you... ALL of the symptoms come back full force :)  So, yeah... definitely can come and go.  Although... I felt great up until about 7 weeks.  That is when the "pregnancy symptoms" really came out.
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Hi girls-
I wanted to let you know it's normal.  I am now almost 9 weeks and my symptoms were coming and going until I was in the middle of my 7th week.  Now I am always tired and super nauseous all the time.  Good luck and happy symptoms!
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Hey ladies, I have been feeling the same way.  I am 6 weeks and 2 days with no sore boobs or morning sickness.  My lower back ache's and I get real tired and a lot of burping and thats about it.  It drives me crazy.
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so glad everyone shared -- it's encouraging to hear others are in the same boat. Tuesday night I could not fall asleep (which was weird, because I have been so tired) -- so I went back to get my levels checked and they came back great. But I was nervous b/c my boobs did not hurt that day and I was not so tired. I guess the lesson here is everything comes and goes.

Funny about the burping, I am finding myself burping too - had no idea it was related.
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I am 5wks 6days and I am wondering about this thing too.. there are times that I feel super pregnant and there are times that I feel normal... My weigt fluctuates too.  my tummy looks big at times and sometimes it is barely there... might be bloated? who knows.. I even HPT with a dollar one every now and then to see if the test line is still as intense.. thank Gos it is otherwise I will be worried again..

so many of us have symptoms come and go so I it must be normal after all.
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i also have simular symptoms...bb hurt little, lil nausea but thats about it i am more tired during morning than anything...then early at night i get more tired..so im n bed by 8:30ish and awake around 10 ish but same boat i forget im pregos also
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I am in the same boat, I am due March 21st.

I only get nauseous in the mornings after I take my prenatal vitamin, if I don't eat anything. Aside from being tired, I hardly feel pregnant sometimes.... I do burp constantly though, my DH says that is how he knew I was pg ;). I am bloated a lot, today I had to loosen my belt a notch, it was squeezing me! My boobs just feel heavy, not really sore, but that is normal for me, they aren't especially sensitive, even when I was pg before. Oh yeah, and I am starving today, even though I just ate a couple hours ago!
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I have the same exact symptoms as you. (Funny I am due March 17th). :)

My bbs will hurt all day but the intensity varies through out the day. I had to start sleeping with a sports bra on at night so they wouldn't hurt as much.

I am with you though..besides being tired, hungry and experiencing some soreness and slight back pain, I am just like normal. Recently though I have been feeling more cramping/pulling/flutters in my uterus...so hopefully that means things are going well. :)

I actaully have a few pregnant/new mom friends and none of them experieinced hardly any morning sickness...hopefully we are just the luck ones...at least for now.

As for the bloating, I feel more so after I eat or if it has been a while since I have gone #2.

Hope you are doing good.

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I would say so, sometimes I forget I am prego.  Then a headache pops up.  Lately my drive to work is nausious but I have to force feed breakfeast.  I am really tired all the time, afternoons and early evenings especially.
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