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Monday Updates 12/13

I can't believe it is the 13th of December....  Yikes

I think we are about done X-mas shopping Mady got a kitchen, doll stuff, threading beads, Beauty and the Beast, coloring books, and a play laptop.  I am excited to see her actually want to unwrap stuff this year.  

Mady is doing well otherwise, testing her limits everyday.  I am trying to stay on top of time outs and hopefully she will get over it.  The dc keeps saying 2's are bad and 3's are worse so I am kinda scared of how she will act at 3.  Otherwise she is talking up a storm and repeating everything.  She loves to say Santa Ho Ho Ho.  But she hates the sight of an acutal Santa.  She saw one at the store a few weeks ago and ran away screaming, then Sat she was in the cart and Santa came up to her and was a little to close for comfort she screamed bloody murder and was crying histarically.  Needless to say I don't think we will have a picture with Santa this year.  Oh welll.

AFM- 25 weeks, 105 days to go....  I am ready though.  This kid is already giving me a run for my money, I ave braxton hicks all the time and bad backaches.  Otherwise things are good.

Have a wonderful week ladies....
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JULES:  That is too funny about Mady and the actual Santa.  That sounds like Lei last year... we will see how it goes this year.  She sees Santa on Thursday :/  

Ughhh... I still have 95% of my Christmas shopping left!  Although, Leighton is pretty much done.  She is getting a play kitchen, little table and chairs, clothes, a sit and spin, bath toys, coloring books, and Duplo blocks.  But, she is the only person in the family who we are done shopping for!  haha...

We had a 3 mo. check up on Friday for her eye, and the doctor is pleased with the patching.  Her eye lid has not gotten any worse, but it is also not getting better.  So, she will continue with the patching.  The only way we could get her to wear her eye patch without a throw down was if I called it a "sticker".  So, now when she gets a real sticker she says "Sticker, Mommy!  Help... eye!"  Needless to say, almost every real sticker she gets ends up on her eye :)

Recently, she is starting to get really "Mommy clingy" again, like she did when she was closer to 12 mo.  Full blown screaming and crying ensues if I don't pick her up and someone else does.  The only person she seems to want these days is me.  She is also getting jealous when I hold someone else's baby.  She will say "No, Mommy.  Me up!" and wants me to pick her up instead.  First time she has ever actually been jealous of another kid before!

AFM:  My endochronologist will be running some hormonal tests on me in the next few weeks since my thyroid levels are fine with the medication I am on, yet my cycles are no where near consistent.  They range from 33 days apart to 43 days apart... so something is apparently wrong, he just doesn't know off hand without further blood work.  After the 1st of the year, I should know more what is going on with my body.  I am freaking out that I am going through early menopause!  
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Brock is definitely starting to test ALL of his boundaries!  Everything is "mine!"  Even the dog toy!  I'm like, "Buddy, that's the dog's!"  Oh no!  He loves the Christmas tree and Santa and says, "Ho, ho, ho!"  My grandpa made this reindeer out of wood that sits in our living room and every night before he goes to bed he kisses his red nose!  So cute!
We're done shopping for Brock.  He got a kitchen, tractors, Toy Story 3 toys, Geo Trax, and a work bench.  A little bit left to get for others!  It's just too much fun to shop for him!
He has been getting in to trouble at day care because of hitting and tackling.  It's mostly on Mondays, so I don't know if it's the length of the weekend and being with us all weekend!?  
Ovaz - Hope all goes well with Leighton's eye and your tests too!  
AFM - We found out on Nov. 14th that we are pregnant!  I took a test on Nov. 10th...negative and on the 14th...positive!  It took 7 long months!  I wasn't going to say anything...don't want to jinx it!  I fear the thought of a miscarriage!  But, what better place to talk about all of it, huh?!  I am 9 weeks today!  I have felt like I have a constant hangover and want to throw up but I never do!  It's all worth it!
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Congrats toes!!!!!
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Yay!  That is wonderful, Toes!
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Let's see....Jack is into everything and has a mind of his own now...augh! He definitely wears me out during the day. I registered him in this gym class one day a week starting in Jan so hopefully it will help him burn off some energy. It is getting really old on the days we can't get out of the house for him to be into everything he is not supposed to. Now he is tall enough to reach some drawers and now he pulls things out and ruins most everything. We have officially cleaned out our night stands and our one desk drawer I figured it was that or kepp reprimanding him which doesn't seem to work anyway. I do ahve to say our time outs are quite effective. For a kid that like to always be on the go putting him in a 90 second time out is torcher. On a lighter note, he is talking more. No sentences yet but lots more intentional babbling and individual words, so we are on our way.

AFM: I am about 16 weeks give or take and feeling pretty good. I try to make it to the gym 2-4 times a week depending on what I have to do around the house. If nothing else just chasing Jack around this place is quite a workout. ;) 4 more weeks and we find out the gender...can't wait!

Toes - Congrats on the pregnancy! Try not to worry about a m/c (though I know that is hard). I still quitely worry everyday but I try not to let it spoil too much of my excitment. Hope you feel better soon. I went thu some of the nausea as well and Sprite Zero and Saltines are the only things that got me thru it. ;)
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Hi mommas! Sorry I am late, we were in NYC through Monday and I've just been a busy since we have been back (and getting ready for our next trip on Friday to San Diego for a week - can't wait to escape the cold). Got to get all that free travel in for hayden before she is 2!

Hayden is cracking us up endlessly - and also causing some trouble. She recently "watered" her DVD player and we have to buy a new one. Then she broke a friends iPhone (luckily Apple replaced the shattered glass for free). So when she is in hot water and I am stern - I get an "on the verge of tears 'saw-wee momma'" - which kind of cracks me up. She is a very difficult eater. I am lucky if she does a meal for a day. That stresses me out. But she looks to be growing.

AFM - 21 weeks, feeling great. This pregnancy has totally been a breeze and the little guys moves constantly and a lot stronger than hayden (then again my placenta is in back this time, which will mean I will feel more). NO NAMES. NO IDEAS. HELP??

Toes - GREAAAT news! And join the club on miscarriage worry warts - I think it is in our nature...and every week is a milestone so sit back and try to enjoy this!
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Irish- Keep feeing good and taking care of yourself.
Jem-Glad everything is going well for you too!

Phin still is not speaking other than uh-oh and ball...but he does test the boundries left and right. His tantrums crack us up though. He just lays down on the floor and looks at you...if you leave the room he will get up, follow you and then lay down again where he can see you. funny little monkey.

Zach is 21 days old today and doing great. He is a champion nurser and is growing every day.

AFM- I still have some postpartum bleeding going on, but the soreness is all gone. I am pretty tired but as Zach gets better at sleeping, I get to clock in more asleep time as well.
School is done until mid January and then I get to experience bringing my baby to class with me again. I hope it does not freak Phin out too much to watch me leave with brother and not him.
It breaks my heart to see him get jealous over his brother and part of me deep down wishes it was just still the 3 of us...then the remaining part of me feels guilty for thinking such a horrid thing. I do love Zach with all my heart, just we all need time to adjust to the new dynamics of it all.
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