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Monday updates

Hi -
Hope everyone had a great Xmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate). We are in sunny San Diego for a week - so nice to be in the warm 70 degree weather! Lots of walking and vegging. Hayden had a great Xmas (though we were flying on Xmas eve) but she got some great gifts - tickle me elmo, hello kitty, fisher price camera, razor scooter. Now I have to weed through the toys and see what to give away!

AFM - 23 weeks and baby moves all the time. Getting bigger but feeling good - much more active this time around, I suppose b/c I know what I am in for.

How is everyone else?
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We had a great Christmas!  Brock got lots of stuff he is loving playing with!  It's like out with the old and in with the new!!  He, of course, got an ear infection on Christmas Eve, and we had to drive 5 hours on Christmas Day!  He slept pretty much the whole way!  

AFM - 10 weeks and so nauseous!
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We, too, had a wondeful relaxing Christmas.  Leighton definitely got "spolied" this year... she must have been extra good :)  She raked in a lot of goodies... LeapFrog computer, kitchen, Crayola write on me thingy, Mega Blocks, Sit and Spin, lacing beads... way too much stuff to mention!  Crazy when there are aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even great grandparents dishing out gifts.  She is like a kid in a candy store the past few days.  She also has a full blown new wardrobe... lucky girl!

Nothing new other than that.  Hope everyone has a safe NYE and a relaxing NYD.

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We also had a wonderful Xmas and Mady was also spoiled beyond belief.  Kitchen, lacing beads, doll stuff, clothes clothes and more clothes....  Just getting rady to have a NYE psrty here tomorrow, but not very excitubg for me, maybe a glass of champaign.  

AFM- I am 28 weeks on Sunday and ready to be 40.  MAn I am over this pregnancy.  It is not as much fun the second time around..   It will all be with it in the long run.
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