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Pampers Vs Huggies

I have never heard this before but my sis in law was telling me that her friends who have little girls don't like huggies. Apparently huggies has a higher chance of giving little girls yeast infections?? And that pampers are better for girls? Anyone else hear this or have experience with this?
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I've never heard of that.  I used Huggies with my daughter and she never had any problems.  With my son I preferred Pampers for the newborn diapers because they are much softer.  And then use Huggies after that because they don't leak as bad.  I'm planning the same for this baby.
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my kids r 7 and 3 and i have ONLY used Huggies, and my mom only used it w all 4 of us so i have also never heard of this
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Wow I never heard of this either..... I did use pampers with my daugher tho and didnt have any issue..... she is 10 now....
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I have no idea about this debate - but someone recommended that I buy these:

pamper swaddler sensitive for newborns. Also diapers.com is free delivery for orders over $40 and has a $10 off coupon on babycenter.com

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Yeah my sis in law was saying something about huggies being a little "too good" at keeping moisture in and that is why they would get yeast infections? I don't know though...I have never heard of it before and apparently no one else has either...so it is probably not necessarily true for all baby girls..
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i believe it .. i have had 5 kids.. the first 4 used pampers and never had any issues barely even any redness.. with my now 4 month old i tried huggies.. and she has gotten so many yeast infections where i would have to apply prescribed cream.. when i switch to pamper her redness and bad yeast infections completely stopped for about 2 weeks now.. which is a long time compared to how often she got them on huggies.
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