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Soreness in lower abdomen

I am 24 and a half weeks pregnant (EDD March 15). This is my second child and I do not remember being to sore with my first. For the past couple of days I have been sore in my lower abdomen. It feels as though the baby has plopped himself right above my public bone.... I have been waddling and everything! Has anyone else experienced this? Is is normal?
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I definalty have a waddle, but i know my baby is sitting low, the u/s techs always complain about it. I've been assuming this is why i have lots of hip pain and waddle like i'm 40 weeks pregnant
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they say if you are carrying a baby boy they like staying low..  I am on the same boat.  I am having a hard time putting socks on and been waddling.  my tummy gets sore especially feel it when I walk faster or when i get a bumpy car ride.  And also my baby is kickin so much lately and I think it makes my abdomen sore too.  I am not sure but he does kick alot and more frequent.  
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i've had a bad pain to the bottom of my bump and to my left for about two weeks, it was so bad last week i could barely walk. It's worse when standing, walking or moving, and feels at times like my bumps trying to pull away from me. i had an ectopic last april, and its very near one of the scars, so was told its muscular but could be a combo of ligament and scar tissue strecthing. I've been referred to physio, should get an appointmenmt this week some time. Paracetomal, cocodola and a bump belt form mothercare have not helped any (in fact the cocodomal kept me awake at night with cramps from trapped wind and constipation pains instead of just from pain from turning over.
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Hi everyone!  I am 24 weeks and have pain and tenderness in my abdomen.  It hurts to lay down, bend over, walk, etc.  Is this normal.  Does anyone else have this.  It was also in my back and 2 days ago I had menstrual like cramps which have since subsided and left me with the sore tummy.  I went to the Dr. and the baby is fine, she is sending me for an ultrasound to see if its my kidneys.  Has anyone here ever had a kidney infection.  Im hoping it goes away or eases a little.  Thanks!!
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round ligament pain can cause the soreness, because it's working in double time to stretch everything to make more room for baby weekly!  Plus your skin stretching, and your hips spreading a bit to get ready for birth!  They all have a ripple affect to make you waddle.

Also, All three of my babies have sat low, really really low.  Like for instance, my son decided to be a booger when I was prego with him.  He litterally sat on my cervix the entire time, that my hips spread by 6 months.  They would check me, and they could feel his head completely engaged at 5 months.  Granted I was also fully dialated too.  Huh.  But he had no need to drop from that.  

With both my daughters, they did and have been sitting maybe an inch above my cervix, the u/s techs complain with me big time for this, because they wont move out of my pubic bone...lol  

bh contractions will also be more noticable now, you'll likely feel them in your back, hip area and lower part of your stomach, sometimes top of your stomach, depending on where you baby is sitting!  
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This is completely normal!  Every pregnancy is as different as every child is different!  To help with the soreness...try drinking even more water, if at all possible!  I'm 23 weeks 4 days and I stay sore!  :D  You only have a little more to go!  Yay!
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Im 24weeks Today&I am So sore !!! It Hurts Too Get Up&switch positions When I Sleep&too just lift up .... Im Having a Boy&every kid is diff,With My First born son I was never sore just sick,But Thank You these comments were verry helpfull .
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