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Zach is here!

So Zach finally graced us with his presence. ^_^

December 1st I woke up to contractions and when they were about 3-5 minutes apart we went in to the birthing center...only to get sent home due to zero cervix changes. I had already called my best friend who made the 4 hour drive to be with us. I felt really bad, but since we do not get to see eachother often we were happy to hang out. By 6 pm that night I was no longer able to talk through the contractions and we headed back in...

I was dialated to 5 cm. They kept me. About an hour after that my water broke and the real active laboring started. Last time I did not get a chance to use a tub and this time I did, it was awesome. It so helped with the pain and was sooo warm. I finally requested pain relief but the Dr's saw that I was trying to push so they said "Nope, you are about to have a baby!" I pushed 2-3 times and it hurt something fierce. They checked my cervix and I was only at an 8! I got my pain relief and a chance to take a breather which was wonderful.

Finally at 2:17 am I was fully dialated and ready to push. 10 minutes in, it was found that Zach's head was tipped at an angle that was causing him to be trapped in my pelvis. I rolled from one side to the other a few times and that helped him shift and them out he came at 2:37 am December 2nd. I thought I was being ripped in two! He was 2 pounds bigger than Phin and I felt every ounce of it. ow ow ow

But he is amazing and Phin seems to be warming up to him. It is so wierd suddenly being a family of four!

I have pics posted on my page, just too tired to copy paste over to here. So please go take a look at the newest man in my life!

Isn't it funny that our first child was born on the first and our second child was born on the second?
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I know I already posted this on you page, but CONGRATS, again, to your sweet sweet family!
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Congrats on your new addition!  So happy for you all!
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WAHOO! Just logged in bc I was wondering if you would have an update -- so happy for you!  CONGRATS!
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Nice work, Kele!  That is wonderful... congrats to you and your family :)
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Congrats!!! So happy for you and your family. :)
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Congrats!!!!!!  How exciting for you guys.  Hope all is going well!!!  He is a doll
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