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big baby ?

Hi everyone, I went for an ultrasound at 33 weeks 3 ish days and they said that he is already 5 1/2 pounds .... is this big .... it sounds big ? I am now almost 34 1/2 weeks preggo . Does anyone else know how big their baby is?
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When I had my kids, cause it was around how far you are, my first
34w1d she was 5lbs 2oz 18 in       my second,
35w      he was 5 lbs 12oz 19 in     my third
34w3d she was 6lbs        22 in.

So around 5 lbs sounds right!  =)
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I am 33 wks 5 days my baby weighed 5 lbs 14 ozs I had an u/s today..so we will see how much bigger he gets
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at 29 weeks it was 5 pounds

Now at 39 weeks and estimated to be 9 pounds...find out in 5 days when I have him/her :)
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i had my u/s wen i was 34.5 wks and they said first about 6.25 then said 5.25 so hopefully hell be a med size peanut cus my other 2 girls were5lbs13oz and 7lbs1oz
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at 33 weeks my babe was 5lbs
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Some babies are just big......also they can be off by a pound or two....... They told me I was having an 8lb baby with my daughter and she was 6lbs!
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Well at my 33 week appointment, my doctor did an ultrasound and kept looking around at the baby and said to me, "How far along did I say you were again?"  And I said 33 weeks.  He said "Are you sure?"  I said why, and he said, "Cause this baby is really, really, big."  He said he thought that the baby was about 7 or 7 1/2 lbs at 33 weeks.  So imagine how I feel.  I thought he would have changed my due date but he didn't.  My baby's father is a large man.  He's 6 ft 3 in and weighed almost 10 lbs when he was born.  All of his family is big though.  So my doctor is expecting my baby to be big too.  
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