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happiest baby on the block

Our friends have been talking about this book / dvd - so we watched it last night and holy moly! amazing how great it works! They give you 5 tips for calming your baby and it is simply amazing how it all REALLY does work. I am convinced.

Hayden is sleeping longer, eating more routinely and not as fussy.....just wanted to pass it on!
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Blockbuster online has the dvd...I am sure Netflix does too.
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our library doesn't have it so i will check at our family resource center on monday before i go by it....i am borrowing The Baby Whisper from the library
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Oh wow, I have heard TONS about this book and was a little hesitant to get it.... I will definitely be picking up a copy now!!
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JUst watched this video .  Wow what common sense ideas but I already have Mady sleeping in the swing for a nap which she has never slept in there before.  I totally see all of the 5 s.working.  I definatley reccomend this dvd
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We watched this last night during lots and lots of screaming.  My husband is all for the shushing.  I think it makes both of them feel better.  They both get really grumpy at 3 am.  It will take practice but we're ready to try about anything.
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The dvd is great. We watched it a few weeks before Jack arrived. The 5 S's have never failed. He is sleeping right now because of it. I can't necessarily attest to the better sleeping, eating and less fussiness those are still a work in progress for us but during a meltdown you can't go wrong with the 5 S's. ;)
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