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Okay, I know we have some May babies that just can't wait to get here.  Please Mommies, share your birth stories here.

Your Screen Name:
Your Name (first name only):
Baby's Name (first and middle names only):
Baby's Gender:
Due Date:
Your Story:

PLEASE, only mother's sharing their stories post here.  The thread will get too long if everyone posts comments to the stories shared.

Thank you!
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Here goes ~

Your Screen Name: kikicoates78
Your Name (first name only): Keisha
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Addyson JoLynn
Baby's Gender: GIRL!
Due Date: May 11th, 2009
Birthdate: April 14th, 2009
Weight: 5 pounds 11 ounces
Height: 18 inches
Your Story:
Well all was pretty routine for me, I have a history of pre-term labor, with complications of pre-eclampsia, so my Dr's were taking no chances this time around. When I hit my 36 week mark my pre-eclampsia turned to severe pre-eclampsia so a c-section was scheduled.
They wheeled me back at 11:00, sarted prepping me, got my husband at 11:15, and my sweet Addyson was here at 11:30! Recovery went really well this time around, I was up walking by 6pm. The nurses couldn't beleive it! I refused the morphine that they usually give in your spinal, and I think it helped with the quick recovery! Addy and I were released 2 days later, and she is doing wonderful!

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Your Screen Name: ladypoo
Your Name (LaDell
Baby's Name Browyn (Brown is the way its pronounced) David II
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: 5/3/2009
Birthdate: 4/18/2009
Weight: 7lbs 8oz
Height: 19in
Your Story: Wow this was my 4th pregnancy 3rd baby....I had one pre term labor. But this pregnancy was totally different I spent most of it in the hospital but I was super happy about it. I had severe hyperemisis in the beginning and then once I got out from that I was home a few wks and began to have what we thought were braxton hicks but was dialating my cervix I was then admited in with short cervix where I stayed up until I was 31wks. By the time I reached 34wks I was ready for this to be over partly because I thought for so long he was coming before then....so I was way anxious. I was ready to turn flips when I reached 36wks lol. @ 37wks I began to feel way icky.,...and began to feel that time was getting close. April 17th i felt really icky and crampy and when I began to time my contractions they stopped. and then father and I had a falling out. April 18th bright and early before he was off to work we "made up" and he went off to work and i went back to bed....bout 9 or so I woke up went potty and I had the bloody show...I wasnt sure so I asked his mom and she said she thinks we should go but call the Dr. first I did and he said come in....I called the father and told him he needed to come home and he asked WHY??? LOL I said I need to go to the hospital he said WHY???? What The H lol. we made it in @ 11:30 was 5cm broke my water @ 1p I got a dose of whatever the have put in the place of demerol. still 5cm not to long after it was super fast.....The nurse checked me not long after I was @ 8cm all I remember after that is the nurse saying let her know if i felt pressure....pressure is not what I felt.....I had to Poop is what I kept yelling all the while I was pushing they kept telling me not to cause the dr wasnt in the room ha ha ha. I had to push and push I did. When the Dr. came in I pushed once and here was my new baby boy.I was so sleepy I dont remember holding him until I saw pictures and the video....My baby slept for 2days he didnt feed but they kept saying it was normal....he then got jaundice I came home day before yesterday 4/21 and he came home yesterday 4/22 and we are doing super well
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Screen Name: Foo803
Your name: Kristen
Baby Name: Leah Simone
Gender: Female
Due Date: May 4
Birth Date: April 26
Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz
Height: 19.5 inches

Birth Story:

Pretty active Sunday. Went grocery shopping and watched my son all day while my husband did a bunch of work around the house. At the end of the day, we decided to get some cheeseburgers at Five Guys and go to a really cool outdoor mall that my son likes to hang out at and see all the dogs and water fountains. Got some cold stone creamery ice cream and was walking around when I started to notice some contractions. Didn't take to much notice but noted the time around 7:30pm and continued to eat ice cream. Still walking around and actually had to stop when the contractions started. People were looking at me funny.

We went home and put my son to bed and I told my husband we should get our stuff together and in the car. Called my mom and told her to come over just in case and called the midwife to say the contractions were 5-6 minutes apart if I was perfectly still but if I was moving they were back to back. I was feeling back labor this time which I didnt get the first time.

The pain was getting a little more intense and we got in the car. I noticed I was starting to shake and told my dh to go and don't stop. About 30 traffic violations later we got to the hospital and he dropped me off at the door. It was 10:35 pm now and I pushed the button to have security open the door but I was having a contraction so I was kneeling on the floor and they couldn't see me. Someone came out and was like are you having pain and i said I'm having a baby!

They wanted to go through registration, but I said you better get me up to l&d now. I told them to check me right away as I got changed into a gown and nurse said I was 9cm and they wheeled me into a room. The nurses were asking me a bunch of stupid questions like on a scale of 1-10 how is your pain and are you having any pressure? While I was answering them I pushed and told them I felt something and they are like she's crowning and I pushed again and she came out. My midwife never made it in time. DD was born at 11:09 about 30 minutes after we arrived.

I couldn't believe it went so fast the second time. I was not thinking it was going to happen like that and was really lucky I didn't deliver in the car. We came home Tuesday afternoon and are doing well. Looking forward to seeing who's going to go next!
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Your Screen Name: tarrah87
Your Name (first name only): tarrah
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): madison rayne
Baby's Gender: girl
Due Date: may 10, 2009
Birthdate: april 27, 2009
Weight: 9lbs 8oz
Height: 21in
Your Story:
due to maidson's size i was scheduled for a c-section i got the hospital at 9am monday morning got all my paper work together and put me in a room. they started me on an iv and got some fluids in my system my family met me there at about 10:30am-11:00am they took me downstairs at 11:45 and got everything ready, checked vitals, and did my epideral, which had to be done 3 time...ouch! the first 2 times doctor hit a blood vessel and so the third time he moved the needle up and got it finally...third times a charm....lol once the epideral was in and the meds were put in i was wheeled to the or for my c-section they got everything ready in there as well and brought my bf in there with me i had to make him talk to me bc whatever they gave me i was about knocked out asleep lol madison was here in no time once my ob came in and as soon as baby came out they cleaned her let my bf take some pics and they took her and him back upstairs. she was born at 12:52pm i was there a lil while closing incision and etc and then wheeled to recovery for 30 mins then back upstairs, when i got there everyone had left to go get food so i took the time to rest, i couldn't hold baby bc i was shaking so bad. once everyone got back i had a room full of ppl lol i was unable to eat real food until about 11pm that night i was starving the liquids they had me on at 6pm for dinner i threw up so i was starved to say the least....haha i got to go home on wed around noon and it all came and went so fast. i'm glad she is finally here but miss her in my belly as well lol
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Your Screen Name: Mommy2b51209
Your Name (first name only): Adrienne
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Asa Jarrell
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: May 12
Birthdate: May 6
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
Height: 20 inches
Your Story:

Well, I woke up at 5am on the 5th and was having contractions, but I didn't know it... I thought I was just constipated or about to have diarrhea or something...

I went to work and the pains kept on all day long, but still not too bad that I thought of anything other than that I needed to go poo...

Then I realized about 3pm that everytime I had that pain, I was having BraxtonHicks contractions simultaneously... they were coming every 5 min.

I asked my hubby if we could go to the hospital just to make sure it wasn't labor... well, it was... I stayed at 2cm for 2 hours though, so they sent me home...

3 hours later, the contractions hurt so bad and were much more consitantly 2-3 min apart, so back we went...

They admitted me at 1am on May 6th and I got the epidural but was only 3cm... My blood pressure dropped really fast and really low 70/36 after the epidural and had to have 3 doses of ephedrine to bring it back up... finally stabalized and they forgot to tell me I had a button to push to keep the epidural dripping.... 10 hours later.... I was feeling EVERYTHING and they had to give me a little something else so I could push.

I got to 10 cm on my own w/o pitocin by about noonish and I pushed and pushed and pushed and felt just about everything bc I let the epidural wear off too much on accident!!!!!!!!  It was excruciating and begged the Dr. to help me... he used the vacuum thingy and Asa was born at 2:39pm!!!!!!!

13 1/2 hours of active labor... 2 1/2 hours of pushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your Screen Name: kylesmom09
Your Name (first name only): Heather
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Kyra (Keira) Marie
Baby's Gender: Girl
Due Date: 5/25
Birthdate: 5/11
Weight: 7lbs 3oz
Height: 19 in
Your Story:
Well luckily there was nothing too exciting about my story!!
My hubby and i got up on Mother's Day and i was not feeling any different than i had for the past couple weeks.  Aaron liked to talk to my belly and ask her everyday when she was going to come out and see us, i told him Sunday that it wasn't going to be today.  Well after breakfast and a nap we took a walk with our dogs and then i sat outside for a few hours reading.  Well i was having some period like cramping, but i had been having that for a few weeks beforehand and didn't think much of it.  We had plans to go to my cousins house for dinner that night so i was cooking part of the afternoon and while i was the cramping was becoming more intense,but i truly didn't think they were contractions.  Well at about 4pm i decided that they were contractions, but they were varying between 6-10 minutes apart so i decided that we would go to my cousins and just see how i felt.  While we were there i continued to have contractions, so when we left there about 8:30pm we just headed to the hospital.  Well we got to the hosiptal about 9pm and got checked in by this point the pain had become very intense and i was really nervous.  Well the nurse checked me for the first time at about 10pm and i was fully effaced and 5-6 cm dialated, so they got my antibiotics for the group b started and called for my epideral.  Well at about 11pm the Dr. got there to my epideral at 7 cm and i then proceeded to become very sick which caused my water to break at the same time.  I was quite the mess!! I fell alsleep until about 1:30am at which point we started to push.  I couldn't get my 2nd dose of anitbiotics until 2am, but they wouldn't let me wait any longer to push b/c she wasn't handling contractions well at this point.  So about 10 pushes and 45 minutes later my little girl was here...So all in all uneventful and went much faster than i thought it would!!!  
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Your Screen Name: hkenny
Your Name (first name only): Heidi
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Brielle Grace
Baby's Gender: female
Due Date: May 12th/09
Birthdate: May 11th/09
Weight: 6 pounds 8 ounces
Height: 19 1/2 inches
Your Story: Well started out a bit like kylesmom, I was having some period like cramps sunday but really didnt think much of it. It seemed they were coming when I was standing up or doing something...like dishes. They were uncomfortable but nothing to bad. Went to bed thinking nothing of them. Didnt sleep to well, had to get up to pee alot. At about 5am I went to roll outta bed to pee and my water broke, I think I really did know but didnt want to get to ahead of myself. Told hubby,called my mom and called my mil who was going to be taking a 3 1/2 hr drive to be with us in the delivery room as a coach. Both mom and mil thought it sounded like it did break. I told hubby to sleep and I would wake him when I felt it was getting closer.Woke Connor about 7:30 and he got me out the door pretty fast as he found i was contracting every 5-6 minutes. Contractions started about 7;00-7:30 am but honestly at the time I dont think I was counting them as contractions,but Connor sure was! Got to the hospital about 9:30 and got admitted. When they checked me I was 2 cm.......I told the nurse right away I wanted an epidural and she said they would call for it when I reached 3-4 cm. I figured with the contractions as 4 minutes apart that woudlnt be to long, they said usually its 1 cm an hour.
was having some pretty intense contractions and they checked me again at 11:45. I was still only 2cm but fully effaced. I was pretty upset as at this point I wanted that epidural!! I was crying and hubby and my mom gave me some strength to keep going. My nurses told me they wanted me to try the shower for pain and they were going for lunch,they were told by my dr to give me some oxitocin i think to get me dialting. i was mad about that too b/c they said it would make my contractions worse. so hubby and i got into the shower, it was pretty good for pain. although my contractions got INTENSE> i kept moving around, going on all 4's,standing,sitting in the sitz bath. Hubby said it seemed like i was trying anything to relieve the pain. a nurse came in to check babies heatrate, so i had to get out. I kept telling her i had to poo and kept sitting on the toilet. i was pretty vocal at that point that i couldnt do it anymore and that i really wanted an epidural.so that nurse said she wanted to get another nurse, this one asked me if i had ever felt that pressure before i said no. she pretty well ripped my outta that bathroom onto the bed. checked me( i dont even remember) and said i was fully dilated and ready to push!! at that point i lost it i was so not ready for that! i was 2 cm 30 minutes prior. all of a sudden there were nurses everywhere, my legs were getting pushed up and pulled apart, hubby asked where the dr was. it was CRAZY. i kept saying i have to push and i was but she was crowning so kept closing my legs.... somehow it felt better. dr came and said pull your legs up your baby is right there. connor said he could see her hair. i was in shock!! my friend who happened to still be there peeked her head in saw what was going on (she heard me screaming...) saw Connors white face and rushed in to keep Connor standing! he got her to call his mom who was still not there. luckily she was in the parking lot. dr gave me a streen look at said she is rigth there now pull your legs up, she instructed mil who just got there and Connor to pull up a leg each.she said 1 push and she will be here. i said you promise! she said yes. i was still in complete shock that i was happening so fast. 1 good push and seriously out she flew!
6 pounds 11 ounces. She was born at 1:02pm. my mother in laws parking pass said 12:48pm. she just made it. my nurses came back from lunch and i had had her. they were only gone for 30 minutes. so from gettting into the shower to her being out was maybe 35 minutes.
my bp was high and i was toxic so i stayed till the 12th at 8om. i am on blood pressure meds. all in all it was good......and fast! i am pretty shocked that i did it with no epidraul but really i did not have a choice.all my freinds and family are shocked too since they know i have NO pain tolerance. oh ya i got a bit of a cut, but only 3 stitches.
Breast feeding is going well, she can suck pretty hard. I already have a bit of bleeding on my nipples. I am so happy she is here. Hubby is too and he is pretty proud of me.
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wonderful birth story hun. From the time that my water broke and the time I got to the hospital they weren't giving me an epidural either and its pretty dumb because they ask you tons of questions when your water breaks and when your in that much pain you just don't care to be asked questions. Good job on the breast feeding bit, I never produced enough milk. Enjoy your little girl!! Babies are so much fun.
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Your Screen Name: krushing
Your Name (first name only): Kristy
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Reece Hewett
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: May 23, 2009
Birthdate: May 11, 2009
Weight: 9lbs
Height: 21.25 inches
Your Story:

I checked into L&D at 5:00 p.m. Sunday having contractions, but they were irregular at 1-4 minutes apart.  They started the cervidil at 7:00 p.m.  All the family finally left and DH & I went to sleep around 11:00 p.m. and I was up at 1:00 a.m. in pain.  I was contracting like I was in labor, but I had only dialated to 2cm.  They gave me a shot of stadol (sp?) for pain and I was like a zombie.  I wasn't in pain, but as soon as it was pushed through my IV I couldn't talk.  The contractions got a lot worse and at 2:30 a.m. they took the cervidil out.  I was able to half way rest then.  The nurse came in at 6:30 a.m. and had me get up and shower and we got this party started at 7:00 a.m.  My L&D nurse was the best.  I had to have a whole bag of IV fluids before they could give me my epidural and so she put the blood pressure cuff on the bag to hurry it up and didn't start the pitocin until the end so I wouldn't be in pain.  OB came in at 7:45 a.m. and checked me and I was 2.5 cm and 90% effaced and she broke my water while she was checking me.  As soon as she started the pitocin my new hero came in...the anethesiologist...Dr. Rock!  He got the epidural in the first try and the only thing that was a little uncomfortable was the shot to numb me, which was just a little sting.  Since I wasn't in any pain, I slept for most of the time...which I was told is the best thing, because it progresses labor.  I was also told on average you dialate a cm per hour.  OB came and checked me at 11:00 a.m. and I was at 4cm.  DH decided since I was resting to take a nap.  At 1:00 p.m. OB came and checked on me again and I was complete, complete plus 2 and we were ready to start pushing.  I started pushing at 1:10 p.m. and pushed for close to 2 hours.  I was exhausted and Reece would not crown.  You could see the cone part of his head and all of his hair, but that was it.  The nurse called the OB in and she hooked the vacuum up and cut me and he came out at 3:10 p.m.  Reece developed jaundice, which is VERY common.  So, I got to come home Wednesday afternoon, but he is still in the well baby nursery.  His levels have to be under 10 and stay that way for 6-12 hours.  His levels were 11.1 at 6:00 p.m. last night and we are hoping that they are below 10 and he can stay off the lights today and we can bring him home this evening.  It's so hard leaving your son.  And what was the hardest is when you do visit him, you couldn't hold him.  The nurses last night were the best and took him off the lightd and took his eye patches off and let me feed him.  He gazed in my eyes the whole feeding.  That's the best.  Although I am in excrutiating pain in my bottom area...looking at Reece makes it all go away.  I had a 3rd degree cut and then tore a little too.  Reece's head was 13.25 inches and his chest was 14.5 inches.  OB said if his head had been a .5 inch bigger then we would have had to do a C-Section.  I'm glad he's here and is healthy, other than his bili level.  But, I do miss being pregnant.  I thought people that said that was crazy, but I do.  Well, I think I've rambled on long enough.  DH has all of the pictures, so I will try and post some as soon as I can.  Hopefully, once life settles down here and we have Reece with us.
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heres my birth story..........
Well as most of you know i was having mild contractions on 19th all night and i hadnt slept atal :( well due date came (20th) and still having mild contractions getting more regualer but not enough to go into hospital which was so frustrating!! didnt even bother to go to bed because i was that much in pain i couldnt sleep, but still not regular enough to go in :( well it got to 2.30am and i rang the midwife i just wanted to let her know contractions were every 5-6mins, she said i should ring back when they are every3-4mins and strong! and she said go to bed and relax soo...... i did that and was still timing contractions then all of a sudden i had a killer of a contraction and my water broke in bed!!! woohoo progress finally!
anyway went and rang midwife and told her what had happened and contractions werent regular enough still so i said i;ll stay at home and use my tens machine, put the phone down and all of a sudden i was getting killer contractions every 2-3mins, so me and graham were rushing around trying to get everything ready because i still didnt have things sorted haha!! by this time it was around 3.30am got to hospital at 4am-ish
Midwife checked me and i was 4cm dialted and contractions were intense i felt so sick and was sucking on gas & air like mad!!
got in the birthing pool probably by 4.30am which was amazing it was such a difference from laying on a bed! the time got to about 5.30ish gray said and i had had enough already i was screaming for the epidural and my midwife told me i had to get out of the pool and onto the bed to get checked again to see how far i was before the epidural, well i couldnt believe it i was fully dilated!!!!! and got back in the pool and pushed him out at 6.02am!! cant believe how quick my labour was!
He weighed 7lb 4oz and was 52cm long! i still cant believe hes mine!
All i can say is the labour is flipping PAINFUL!!!!! and if theres a next time im opting for an epidural hahaa!!!!!!!!!
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My birth story:

I went to hospital at 8.30 on Monday 18th May and was booked onto the labour ward at 9am to be induced.  At 10 am the doctor broke my water and said I was 2cm dilated.  I was given 2hours to see if labour would start on it's own, but it didn't and at 12.30 I was hooked upto the drip to start the contractions. Straight away the contractions came every 2mins and Every 30 mins they would put up the dose and by 3pm I was in real agony.  At 4pm I opted for some pethidine and at 5.30 I was told I was only 3cm's still... despite all the pain I had endured!!  By 8 pm I had another pethidine shot and was as high as a kite but could feel the pain exactly the same.  Then at 8.30 I was nine cm's and pushed Astrid out at 8.45pm.  she weighed 8lb 14.5 ounces and  is 21 inches long.

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Your Name (first name only): Abbie
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Zephyr Phoenix
Baby's Gender: Girl
Due Date: May 30th 2009
Birthdate: May 27,2009
Weight: 7lbs 10oz
Height: 19inches
Your Story: water broke at 6:15 midwife checked me at 9:30am and I was 5cm fully effaced and was at the hospital for 9:45am and was 10cm and started to push 28mins later she was here.
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Your Screen Name: joyce49788
Your Name (first name only): joyce
Baby's Name (first and middle names only): Daniel Joseph
Baby's Gender: Male
Due Date: June 7,2009
Birthdate: May 28, 2009
Weight: 8lb 8oz
Height: 19 3/4 inches
Your Story:

My story is really pretty simple and easy... had to be at hospital at 5:30- 5:45 in the morning of May 28th... they got me prepped with IV after blowing a huge vein they finally got one in... had me in the operating room by 7:15 AM... unfortunately it took the anestesiologist(sp?) about 20 minutes to get the spinal done... i swear i thought i was being ripped in half... at times it felt like i had a drill going through my hips... very weird... anyhow all was good once it was finally in there and i was numb.... the whole time the doctor was asking me "are we tieing the tubes"... all the way up to the moment he was tieing them, i guess he wanted me to be 100% sure...lol... Daniel was lifted into the world about 7:49 AM.. and i was in recovery and then in my room by 9:30 or so... and the first thing i did was get the phone and call down to the kitchen to order breakfast... i was STARVING... and by 10ish i was sitting there admiring my new son and eating buttermilk pancakes and sausage... drinking coffee and chocolate milk... lmao
anyhow all in all i would say the birth was very uneventful...lol... 3 weeks later i am doing everything that needs to get done...
OH btw because of the hernia mesh from a prior hernia repair the incision for them to get the baby out of was smaller than it normall would be and the anasesiologist or whatever had to push Daniel from just below my sternum so that he could get OUT of my body... so needless to say for a few days after my upper abs were VERY VERY SORE... in fact more sore than the incision itself... i had awesome nurses though and the pain management was great, they gave me hot pads for my shoulder that started hurting pretty bad for some reason and my upper abs.... all in all it was GREAT
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