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Should I name my baby girl Tuleen?

Hi everyone,
I am considering the name Tuleen for my baby girl, (meaning moon light in greek).
My DH is still a bit hesitated and not so sure he's affriad it may be too weird, but I kinda got used to the name, I think its sweet even if its different, I like its meaning and the way it sounds, my 5 year old duaghter likes it too. Anyways for the sake of my dh I'm going to post a name poll to check the reactions to this name along with a few other names we discussed....
So let us know what you think, should we stick to Tuleen or name her something else........
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Well, I was the first to vote and you can see I voted for Tuleen.  I love the meaning and it's very unique!  I love unique names and if it wasn't for having to go with a family name, then I would have pushed DH for another name.
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I picked Tuleen as well, it's very pretty and I agree with krushing not a name you hear everyday.
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I also picked Tuleen...I think it is a beautiful name!!!  If DH doesn't want to go with it though i also really like Lina.
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I love Tuleen!  I'm also with Kylesmom I really like Lina too, Maybe Lina Tuleen? I think having a different name helps a child develope their own sense of who the are. I love it.
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i love the name tuleen so unuasual!
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Ok........We decided (Finally)
we'r gonna name her Tuleen...
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Actually, I was searching the name to see if it has a familiar sound to others because I pick it for my future daughter and my fiance didn't agree with it and accidentally I found your post and wanted to know how u find it :)
By the way, my name is Hala and it also has the same meaning in Arabic "The circle of light around the moon"
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