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no baby bump at 19 weeks

Okay ladies.....I am a FTM and 19 weeks 3 days......so far i have gained 2lbs and it is almost impossible for anyone to notice that I have anymore belly now than I did over the summer.....my belly used to cave inwards normally and now it is more flat with no curve either way......

Is this normal for a small person or do i worry?  Anyone not gaining weight and still not showing.....

I am sure i am worrying about nothing......my last ob appt was 12/7 and i am not due to go in for another week....but the woorying is tough....

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I'm almost 24 weeks now and I just started showing a few weeks ago. I'm officially showing now, but until about 21 weeks I just looked kind of pudgy.  And, as of my last OB appt at 20 weeks, I was 3 lbs under what I was prepregnancy.  The doc said not to worry about it as long as I was eating healthy.  It just meant that I was losing weight, but as long as the baby was gaining (which he was) then things were fine.
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Everyone shows at different times. I started showing right at 12 weeks. cause i was so small to begin with. Right now im 22wks and 5days. and have the belly of a 8 month pregnant chick. lol.. but then again i have a friend who is about 26wks who hasnt even started showing yet. It doesnt mean theres anything wrong.  Keep ur head up
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as long as you are not losing weight at this point i should think it is fine, its just that everyone is different, and you may just not gain that much weight with this pregnancy! or maybe gain it all at once! it should (from what i read) start picking up here pretty soon since the baby is gaining more. i didnt start showing with my first daughter until 7 months. nobody even knew i was pregnant. with this one im getting pretty huge
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This is my second baby and people can't tell I'm pregnant and I'm 20 weeks along.  It bothered me too because I have heard so much about showing sooner with the second.  Everything looks good though.  My doctor told me that many women don't show until after 20 weeks because up until that point the uterus is growing up.  After that its starts to grow up and out.  Maybe this is how you are.  Plus, you are a FTM and your stomach  muscles are tight and intact.  
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Thanks ladies.....i go in for my 20 week u/s today......hoping everything is progressing on schedule......maybe even find out if it is a boy or girl.....
i am still trying to put on the weight but winter seems hard for me to pack it on.....
keeping my fingers crossed.......
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Good luck, hope u get to find out boy or girl, (if u want to know).. Keep us posted
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I popped at about 20 weeks.  It was like a woke up and had grown overnight.  I was excited too to start showing.  Now I wish I could suck it back in : )
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I'm a tall skinny girl. I'm 23 years old. I'm 7 weeks but am not showin at all. I know its early anyways. I think around 20 weeks u start showing.
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