What do you do when your baby has a nuchal fold at 4.3 when it's supposed to be 3.0 at 11 weeks and 5 days! The doctor told me NOTHING and I need to know what it means? Does it mean that my baby is going to be unhealthy?
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Hi there,

I'm surprised your doctor didn't gave you any information! That's not very helpful at all!

I believe that the practice is to combine serveral factors, the NT measurement being just one of them, to give you an estimated risk of chromosonal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. Other factors that are considered are your blood test results and your age.

Based on these factors, your doctor should give you a risk ratio (1 in X chances of problems), and then you can use that info to decide whether you want to have a CVS or amnio (diagnostic tests).

What I have learned since I had my NT measurement done (which was also fairly high, by the way, at 3.0 mm), is that this factor alone can cause a lot of uncessary worry. I've read lots of posts from lots women who have had a high number, worried needlessly, and then had everything turn out fine.

That said, however, I've opted to have an amnio (Nov 22.... fingers crossed!). My NT measurement plus my age (39) brought my estimated risk ration to 1 in 30. (My Dr advised me not to wait for the blood tests.)

Good luck; will be curious to hear how things go for you.

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try not to stress it's not good for your or bubs, but if you can wait to see what the results as a whole are before beginning to panic then the doctors should be able to direct you in the right direction.
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Do not worry, many women have high readings. Do the amnio and put your mind at rest and ease.
90% of women who have high readings wind up having perfectly healthy children. Your age plays a lot with those numbers for NT. 4.3 is high but not that high, honestly. Women on this site have had high readings and have had many healthy children.
I opted not to do an amnio before I even received my NT results. No matter what the outcome, I would not do anything. But, that's me I have been trying far too long for a baby to worry about this. Please do not be too concerned your results aren't bad, but your DR should have spoken to you about this situation.

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I am in a similar situation to you (and many others)   I had my NT scan down on the 4 Nov at 12 weeks.  My measurements were 2.9, this combined with my age of 31 places me in the high risk category with a 1 in 202 chance of my baby having a chromosonal abnormality.      

To be honest with you,   i was devastated with the results,  i cried and cried and could only think of the worst outcome.    I spoke with my OBGYN and he isnt too fazed,  in fact he doesnt particulaly like these test and it can cause a great amount of unwarranted stress.

I have opted to have an amnio on the 23 Nov,  We figure that way we will have a definitive result, and we can plan for the future fully informed.

A friends put it to me like this : - "If you were given a 1 in 202 chance of winning a holiday, would you pack your pack now?"
This cheered me up and made me think a little more clearly.  Hope it help you too.

Hope everything works out well for you.
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