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Hemorrhoids? **Sorry, GROSS ?

I'm 31+5 with my 2nd babe and all of the sudden I have a giant hemorrhoid that's now bleeding.  I have never suffered from this, pregnant or otherwise,  and I was just wondering if anyone has any good tips for dealing, pain relief, knowledge about how long it might last, etc.

I feel like I have read every article online and still don't feel like I really know. I've been using every safe OTC product I can find and it's only getting worse....  

I have an OB appointment on Wednesday,  but may call tomorrow. I just feel like I've already been a bit paranoid this pregnancy and don't want to call the doc for no reason.  

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Any reason is a good reason to talk to your doctor. If something bothering you.... Defenatly call him!
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Am sorry about your hemorrhoids,  they can really be a nuisance. While I don't have them I have varicose vein coming from inside my birth canal and swells my one side. Making it difficult to walk sometimes.   I do eorry about drlivery though since tgey are in tge way. Just thought should share with you so that you know you are not alone in the battle of the down under.
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How can u tell what they are? I have been feeling swollen in the space between my bottom and my vagina.... I told my husband I thought it was hemorrhoids because I've never had them before?? It's been swollen for over a week now....
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O god!. I have varicose veins too on my outside of my vag... They gurt so bad. I get tired quick now. Im 30 wks. But nothng happens when U give birth. They're just swollen veins. Well mines go away after I have my bbys. But I have sone on my right left behibd my knee and those stayed there already and do hurt once in a while. Hopefully U feel much better. Call ur dctr and let them know its bothering U.
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Sorry. I meant to say on my right side of my leg behing my knee..lol..
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For me they started the veins were more visible in my inner thighs before I saw the battle of the down under and down under they snake in and I could tell it was not a swollen muscle.  I have difficulties walking whenvthe veins are acting up.
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Omg I have the same problem :( every time I have a bowel I want to punch something it hurts so bad and there always blood in the toiley (I know tmi) im sitting in the office at my drs appt im deff going to ask him what to do bc I dread having to go number 2 :(
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Try some of the OTC creams.  I think the 1% hydrocortisone cream one works the best.  Make sure to eat things that will be it easier to go to the bathroom...high fiber foods.  Also make sure when you go to the bathroom that you get really clean but try not to irritate it.  Baby wipes or similar might help.  Hot showers also help to get clean and help calm your nerves.  I read that this is a very common problem in pregnant women at this stage.  
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