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GSB test came out positive

last week at 36 weeks my doctor gave me the GSB test for that strepped infection in the vagina/colon. Well it came out positive so I have to take antibiotics when i deliver so the baby won't be affected. My doctor said there is nothing to worry about since im getting antibiotics during birth  but i looked up GSB and did research and it's pretty serious for the baby. So im really worried about my baby but i'm only gonna stay positive. I know everything will be fine. Has anyone else wnt for this test? If not ask for one between 35-38 weeks.
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SORRY its GBS ...my mind working to fast .
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I tested positive when I was in preterm labour at 32 weeks and was given antibiotics to treat it then. I will also receive them when I go into labour. There is nothing to worry about as long as you get them, just make sure to tell the doctor at the hospital that you were GBS positive. Good luck.
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I agree with the pp.  Don't worry.  Lots of women test positive for GBS.  You just have to make sure you get to the hospital in time to get the antibiotics.  I am having the test next week.  
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I get mine done today!!  As well as another pap to see how the pre-cancerious (sp?) cells on my cervix are doing!!  Hopefully I will be dialeted a little or something!
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I think it is not a problem, especially since they caught it and can give you antibiotics for it.  They know it is coming and have a plan - you'll be fine!  I think it is just serious if it goes undetected.  Be thankful they caught it!
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My test just came back positive as well.  Sounds like it's nothing to worry about as long as you are given antibiotics.  My doc just told me to go to the hospital as soon as my water breaks, or within an hour or 2.  My cousin had this for 2 of her 3 kids and there were no worries at all.
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I as well am GBS positive. I am constantly worrying now that I am 33 weeks. I found out when I was about 14 weeks. My doctor is doing a vaginal test at my next appt to verify the results since it was detected in my urine. Either way since it has been postitive during this pregnancy i will be given antibiotics during delivery. My thing is I have 2 other children and never had this before. Where does it come from? The doctors aren't concerned because they know how to treat it. I think us as mothers tend to freak out of the unknowing. We will be fine ladies. God has a hand on on these babies!
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