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How are all the Momma's doing?

Hey ya'll!! I just thought I'd ask and see how all of the Momma's are doing with your little ones since I haven't seen any action on this forum in a looong time ..

I guess I'll just say that I am doing great!  I am enjoying being a Mommy to my little son.  I am doing much better now than I was about a month ago.  I think I was experiencing the "baby blues"... as I felt a bit of anxiety and wanting to get out of the house a lot and it was especially difficult when the evening came..  It was like I kind of felt like I was trapped or something.  Don't get me wrong ofcourse I love my little guy but hated having these feelings..

Alexander is doing well.  He weighs close to 15 pounds now at 7 weeks of age.  I can't believe 7 weeks have gone by already!  Seriously, time flies!!

Anyhow, I'd love to hear back from all of the November Mommy's...
In the meantime, take care..
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Hey mama im glad you are feeling better and wow alreadt 15lbs.. thats great my lil guy is about that wieght i think but i wont know until the 21st for his 2 month check up.. he is getting soo big tooooo FAST lol i cant believe it he is just about 2 months already. im doing great very happy i have my lil boy n my baby girl to keep me on my toes .. are you still bf`ing? I am still at it and it is going soo well alot better than i thought it would be going but i am very very happy i am doing it full time with dd it didnt last a month it hurted too badly and i had no idea what i was doing.. so i feel very grateful i was able to do bf``ing full time with my son.. chat soon I need to see  pic of ur lil boy :0) cant wait..
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hey we're doing great too. my dd is nearly 11 weeks and weighs in at around 9 pounds. bless her she's sleeping through the night (mostly) and my ds loves his lil sis. :) im not bf'ing unfortunatly i have to face facts that im never gunna be able to do it.  im so glad ur all well xxx
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Hey we are doing great! Alyssa is almost 12wks and weighed 10lbs 4oz about 2wks ago. She does not sleep through the night yet although she has a couple of times, most of the time she has her days and nights mixed up. I love being a mommy!
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