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Milk Supply

Hello I have been bf'd ever since my son has been born 2 weeks ago...my milk came in about 3-4 days after the birth...However, now I seem to be having issues.  It seems as though I don't have enough milk supply for my little one as I would notice he would be hungry and want to feed every hour but only for about 10 min or so then he'd fall asleep and repeat this for a few hours in the afternoon.  I literally feel like all I was doing is sitting down and feeding him.  Now I have to supplement with formula so that he gets enough food and then he is much more content and won't fuss every hour.  

Anyhow, my question is does anyone know any tips/advice how I can increase my milk supply?
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Drink lots of water/fluid, believe it or not, the more the baby ***** the more your body will make, so if you supplement, your supply will go down, UNLESS you pump during the time you supplement.  I dont pump but when im at work i do express my milk out i think thats why i still have supply during the day time. The more the baby ***** or nipples are stimulated, the more supply you will get.

I think that is normal though. Breastmilk digest quickly, he was probably to tired from the sucking, it took my baby an hour just to get full, i had to find a good position to put her in and i went to see a lactation specialist to help me with getting her to latch better.  I had thought at once she was not getting enough but she was. If your baby ***** for 10 min and go to sleep then that means they are satisfied, but i also heard women say they would do 10 min on each breast and the baby would be content for 2 hours.  Now my daughter is 3months and during the night she may nurse every hour, sometimes it is periods she nurse every 30 min for like 2 hours(that s u c k s) espeically the mournings i have to work.  I also supplement when im at work, and sometimes during the night she may get one bottle so i can at least get 5 hours of str8 sleep.
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Thank you Latrice414......very helpful!!  : )
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