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November Baby Due Dates !!!!!

Ok Ladies here is the New Thread of due dates. !!! please feel free to add yourself if i have missed anyone. or if you`d like to be on the list just leave a post and I will add you :0) !!! Congratulations to all !!!

nickswife -- November 1st
1st --  November 2nd
lwtlababy -- November 3rd
Hope_peace -- November 5th
keepurfaith --November 8th
Hazleyez -- November 19th
Wishful364 -- November 25th
Cari227 -- November 25th
popcorn779 -- November 29th

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Keddy1221 -- November 24th

So excited!
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great glad to see another person here :0) when i get some more i will make a new..how are you feeling?
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I'm feeling pretty good!  I've been fortunate in that I haven't been sick, just nauseated at times.  And tired, but that's to be expected.  This is my first pregnancy, so I'm learning all I can about what to expect.

I've been posting on the forum, but I work long hours and come on here as frequently as I can.  

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yes i am the same way no sickness just nausea very little here n there but not tired and thats all ;0p this is my 4th but 2 m/c and then I have my lil princess and now im pg again and very happy this one sticking with me :0) to happy. if you need to know anything or something dont hesitate to ask i may know some answer from personal experience Good Luck
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November 21st!
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I am november 24th also =)
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i am november 6th- but they are planning on inducing me mid october or so!  :)
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I am due November 27. I went for an ultrasound april 21st and it turned out I was further along, by 3 weeks. I thought I was going to be having a december baby but now it's a turkey baby. My first baby was born on her due date and my second I was induced for, she came 2 days past her due date. We're hoping for a boy...
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I'm due November 9th
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