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Sharp pelvic pain

My baby seems to be hanging out low these days because my poor bladder can't seem to find any relief! Last night I woke up a few different times with braxton hicks contractions (usually meaning I need to pee) so I went to roll over to get out of bed and felt the most intense stabbing sharp pains in my lowest pelvic region. It hurt to move but the only way I ended up finding relief was gritting my teeth and standing up.
Is this normal? Has anyone experienced anything similar?
Also, I have major groin pain like I pulled my groin on both sides. I know it's due to stretching ligaments and all that jazz, but it's pretty painful! Can anyone relate?
I have a high pain tolerance, I just like to know I'm normal :)
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yes normal :0) lol its just one of the many many symptoms of being pregnant... well worth it in the end hehe but i have sharp pains shooting down in the pelvic area where i think sometimes he may just push a lil too hard and break my water its painful esp. at night since I have been getting braxton hicks for a while now and like you when i have to pee if comes harder than a normal one (even those hurt just a lil) and when i go to roll over of get up i do the same as you i grind my teeth and pull myself to stand up.. and when im in bed i kind of curl up and that helps for a few minutes not much.. so hopefully that means my lil man is ready to come sooner than later :0) and your lil man as well Good Luck.
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oh boy, i know exactly how your feeling!!! we spend the weekend nesting - lots of cleaning and things.. and if i sat down or laid down i could barely get up due to the pain - sharp sharp pain in my pelvis and the back of my pelvis/extreme lower back area.. after a fitfull nights sleep i found that if i double my pillow up between my knees to make it thicker it seemed to help quite a bit.. but oh yea i grit my teeth and make lots of groans when getting up and the first few steps of walking are pretty painful.. BUT we are almost there!!!!!! : )
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Thanks for your feedback! As long as it's normal then I'll grin and bare it.

Bny807, I have made the mistake of cleaning and over exerting myself TOO many times. My husband is deployed so all the housework relies on me. I'll be fine while I'm up and moving around and soon as I lay down or sit, it's excruciating to get back up!
That sciatic nerve in my lower back/butt pinches to the point of paralyzing me! The sharp pelvic pain was new. I mean I've had pain and pressure for some time now but what I experienced the other night was AWFUL! I was almost convinced it was labor pain because it seemed too intense to just be the norm.

Oh well... 2 weeks and 2 days.. i can do this! haha.
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Man...you should see me get up from sitting or laying down. I walk like a very elderly lady. My joints, back, hips, pelvis hurt so bad. I walk holding my back and hobbling to the bathroom. So, we are all in the same boat! So close. I have four weeks til my due date. We will all have our babies in our arms within weeks. Crazy, exciting and scary all at the same time!
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So glad to see I'm not the only one. I get the same pain and I have been getting more braxton hicks contractions as well. I sometimes feel down because of how miserable I feel. But when it passes my spirits go up and I'm feeling better. It has been scarying me because I didn't know if it was normal or I was in early labor. This is my fourth and I don't think I ever felt this much pain early on.
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Ahh..I've been getting the sharp pelvic pains too!! It happens more when I'm sleeping on my left side and as I switch to sleep on my right side oh man..the pain is unbearable!!! It wakes me up at night, and I'll sloooowly switch to sleeping on my right side..then I'll pass out again. Once I get uncomfortable and need to switch sides again, I can feel the pelvic pain going back to sleeping on my left side, but not as bad. Oh and it also hurts when I wake up and try to get out of bed. I'm just thinking to myself..."It's ok...this pain means baby is almost here!" lol..but here's some info I found when I googled it..

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I am only 16 weeks along and am having those same HORRIBLE sharp pains in my pelvis. I just found out that I have placental insufficiency and haven't experienced these types of pains in my past pregnancies. What is going on? Any ideas? Is my body trying to go into labor and purge the baby and I'm just so early along that It feels different? The pains are So sharp and So bad that I am nervous. They come and go and don't last too long. Sometimes it even shoots up from my tail bone area. ??? Any help would be great. Thanks
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