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Hi Ladies.  I am 5 weeks pregnant.  This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have 1 living child.  I got pregnant on my 2nd round of Clomid (50mg).  I am beginning to suspect that I might be carrying twins.  I wondered if i could get someone's opinion.  Here are the resons I think it could be twins:

-  Positive over the counter pregnancy test 6 days before missed period. (and i know exactaly when i "o'd" because i was doing OPK's.  
-  Stonger pregnancy symptoms than in the past
-  Was on Clomid
-  Twins run in my family (aunts on mom's side are twins....one of the twins had twins.......great grandmother had twins)
-  on 8 DPO...the day i had a positive HPT, got HCG level at 8.1 and then 10 dpo, was 35.  so, quadrupled.....then on dpo 12 was 65.  
-  feel a lot of tightining in tummy
-  i am overweight

so, the biggest thing that makes me think that i may be having twins is that my preg test positive came so early.  does anyone have an opinion on this?  i'd be VERY curious to know what people think.  I have my first appointment with my doctor on April 8th, which will be 8 weeks.  

thank you Ladies!!
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It sounds possible.. but I also read somewhere that if your carrying a girl, your symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy are stronger. I can't remember where I read that but it was in the last week..
I would get an ultra sound done soon to find out.. Congratulations also on being preggos I wish you a Happy and healthy9 months of pregnancy and a good labour.
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I'd be due for my period on Saturday, but got my first positive (I've tested several times) last Friday.  If six days sooner can be twins, what's eight days? :)
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i am preggers with twins only nine weeks along. i very high hcg results and tested positive days before my period. my symptoms are extremely exaggerated and my drs have me on bedrest for hyperemesis gravadarum....not sure that is spelt correctly but it means severe nausea and vomitting. i literally cannot keep anything down and have lost 10 lbs in six weeks. went to hospital once for dehydration. i feel like i am gonna die but i know i wont. my drs says that because i am having twins the hormone levels are extremely high and i will continue to be severely affected until they settle but the babies are fine and growing at a consistent rate.
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