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Baby James

Hey all. Well I finally gave birth on thursday 13th november. 13 days overdue and after being induced!! Was admitted to hospital at 11am with induction at 1pm. By 8pm the dr decided that the induction had failed and that they would try again in the morning. My other half was sent home and I was told to get a good nights rest. By 9pm I was getting twinges, thinking this was a side effect of the drugs I ignored them. By 2am I knew that I was having contractions and was timing them using the clock on my hospital tv. It was only at 4am that I realised that the clock wasn't working properly and that the contractions were actually coming every 3 minutes. I buzzed for the midwife, who didn't seem to really believe that I was in labour but examined me anyway. Turns out that I was 7cm dilated. They moved me to labour and delivery by which point I was 9cm and still not had any pain relief at al. They sent for my other half, and then we had a whole lot of fun. Everything was going well, saying that I would have a baby within an hour, and then the contractions started lessening in strength. They hooked me up to an IV with some drugs to kick start them again, and boy they were intense!! After what seemed like an eternity out popped James weighing 9lb 1 1/2. Unfortunately he did a bit of damage on his way out, and after a quick cuddle I was taken to theatre to repair a third degree tear! I went through the whole of labour with only gas and air, and had not wanted an epidural anyway but was pretty gutted once I arrived in theatre to be told that they would be giving me a spinal block!!! Despite being a little sore, I love my little man to pieces and it was totally worth it in the end!
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Poor thing, 13 days over!!  You had a big baby like me.  I still feel your pain lol!!  Glad everything is good.  Congrats on a baby boy!!
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oh my,  what a delivery story to tell him when he gets older!!!

Congrats on the baby!!
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Congratulations! Enjoy every second with baby James! Do you have any photos?

What a shame you had a natural delivery only to end up with a spinal. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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