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I think I'm losing my mucus plug?

I went to the bathroom like, 4 er 5 hours ago, and I had this clump of green/whiteish/yellowish bugger lookin **** on my underwear.
Sorry if tmi, but it was absolutely disturbing when I saw it.

It wasn't ALOT, it was just a little clump of it, but it was enough to gross me the hell out. lol

I dunno, I was told that you can lose your mucus plug little by little, or in one big wod.

And ever since 4 er 5 hours ago, I've been getting little bit and pieces of that green slime **** here n there every so often when I go to the bathroom.

I dunno what else to try n say it is, because I know it's not from a UTI because when I get those, if I get that mucus slime stuff it's usually just tainted yellow, and my regular CM is justs clear/white.

This is the first time it's been tainted green.

Anyone else have an explaination for me?

If it is my MP, should I be worried?
I'm only 28w1d, I'm no where NEAR ready to give birth.
I understand that you can lose it WAY before you give birth, but at 28 weeks?

What are some things I should avoid if it is, I already know I can't go swimming, or take baths because the water can get up in there.
I'm really worried. I don't see my doc till the 24th, but I don't wanna have an emergency appointment if I don't need to.
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oops, I posted this in the wrong forum. lol
Sorry ladies.
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I have had a few babies myself so regardless if this is the wrong forum I still would like to post. Your mucus plug should not be green in any shade if anything like a cloudy appearance with a twinge of blood possibly but not green. You might have a vaginal infection.....have you noticed any odor of any kind lately? Seems we preggo's are suseptable to everything.
Losing your MP at 28 weeks is way too early and would not be a particularly good thing.
Good Luck!
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I am a nurse and I was thinking maybe a vaginal infection as well.  Have you had any itching or anything.  It could also be a yeast infection which pregnant women are very suseptable to.  You should call your doctor and you may need to get on some oral antibiotics.  I am certainly no expert but that is what it sounds like to me.  Just obstain from intercourse until you get checked out!!  Good luck.
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No I haven't had any strange odors... but now that you mention it, my fiance has been complaining about having "Itchy Balls" these past couple days, I never thought anything more of it cuz men's balls always itch... but we ended up having sex the night before last, I hope he didn't give me anything!?
Cuz Jock Itch, isn't it like a male form of a yeast infection???
I've never had a vaginal infection before so I dunno what to look for.

I wasn't able to get ahold of my doctor today, so I have to wait till monday.
I hope it's not a vaginal infection that's so gross!
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yeah you know it is gross but its ok. i have had the same problem for the past two days. and it was a yellowish greensih color buggery looking again gross but its true and for me it was alot it was like i had to change my underwear cuz it was everywhere. i went to the doc today and i asked him if alot of discharge was normal and he says yes not to worry about it unless it becomes pinkish or your itchy down there. i wouldnt say its a yeast infection cuz i have read about them and they are saposto look like thick white stuff. so i dont know what this stuff is either sorry i  couldnt help im in the same boat as you.
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Yeah, I don't necessarily think it is a yeast infection either.
I have no itching what so every other than the normal itching at the top of my pubic area the day after I shave [[sorry if tmi, but I hate being hairy!!! lol]] but other than that, I don't have any itching today or yesterday cuz I haven't shaved in a couple days.
I have no strange odor.
I actually have no odor at all...
And that green stuff on did that for a few hours yesterday, that was it, it stopped.
I actually haven't even really been having the normal cm discharge either.
And if there is, it's a very very small amount.

I dunno, maybe I'm just freaking out and it is a uti again.
I have poor eyesite, so maybe it was only yellow.
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lol its ok about the whole shaving thing too.lol i hate being hairy too but for me its kinda getting hard to do it, now and i would feel way embarased to go to the doc un shaved. but if it happens it happens
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hahaha yeah it's become near impossible to shave down there... so I just have my hubby do it for me.
Thank god because if it wasn't for him I'd probably be a mess down there. LOL
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You are funny! You are talking about it being hard to shave and I had to fight just to clip my toe nails, lol. Having this watermelon in the way gets to be a real hassle you know, lol. I would also love to have my ribs pulled back out of my belly so that I can breath like a normal person instead of one that smokes too much and walked a fast mile. BTW, I don't smoke.
Well, Ihope we got the green boogery stuff out of the way and lets keep our eye on the pumpkins cuz I am so ready for October to be here!
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Well I'm pretty flexible, so I don't have too much of a problem doing my weekly pedicures. lol
But Shaving... I can't see nothin, so it had become a hassel.
I stand up and look down, I can't even see my toes. LOL
But yes, I think the green stuff has become the past, but I'm still gunna try n get ahold of my doctor just incase.
Plus I've been having hip problems since 2 days ago, so I want him to take a look about that because I can barely WALK because of it.
Ontop I forgot to ask him about heartburn relief becaue I think I might have done perminent damage to my esaphagus because of all the extreme heartburn I get.

As for October, I'm a little depressed because I won't be in New England for the fall this year.
I'll be down south in Texas, where it's summer all year around till late December/early January, where it gets chilly for a few weeks.
Oh well, atleast I'll be up for the winter for x-mas, so I'll get to see my snow.
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im am 25 weeks an my mucus plug fell out 2 day ago i went 2 labor and delivery and the doctor told me it wasnt important
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May I offer something from a past pregnancy of mine?

On each side of our outer vagina, there are two glands that are called Bartholin Glands.  They actually drain.  When I was 8 months pregnant, I had the exact same discharge as you.  I noticed on the side of my vagina, that I had a noticeable lump.

I didn't pay too much attention to it at first, but when it started to enlarge and hurt, I called my OB.  He had me come into the office and told me that it was a clogged Bartholin Gland and it needed to be excised.  I will spare you the gorey details of what drained out of that thing.

I was told that it can be a common problem for women, especially when we are pregnant.  They put a small drainage tube in and left it there until I delivered.  I had to wear a Kotex every day, until my son arrived 11 weeks later.  Yes I said 11 weeks.  He was very "post-mature" as the doctor's called him.

SO...it could be this gland, which may be the size of a marble right now and you have not felt it yet.  If you notice a lump of any size of the outer part of your vagina, may I suggest that it is indeed a clogged gland?  It releases the exact color of fluid that you are speaking of.  I was also put on antibiotics throughout the rest of the pregnancy.  Boy did I feel better when I had that enlarging thing excised.

Either way, you need to be checked by the doctor.  The green color suggests to me that it is an infection.

I sure hope you feel better.  Best Wishes,
Heather from the MS Forum  
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i was just reading ur guys convo and alot of that same stuff happens to me too. i went to the doctor and got tested for any infections and everything came back clear but i get very itchy sometimes. can the itchiness came from the soap i use or can it come from my vaginal discharge coming in conact with my clitoris???? ( the itchiness is on my clitoris)
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