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LO Toys/ Developmental Milestones

They are still quite young, but what toys are you using if any?

Are any babies almost/completely sitting up yet?

What Miracle Milestones have your LO's met?

Sarah has the Baby Einstein Tunnel, which is awesome because her much BIGGER brother gets in there with her and plays with her. http://www.target.com/Baby-Einstein-Tunnel/dp/B001FXE0ES?node=13706901
Has the baby rocker from Fisher Price that converts into a chair for my toddler. Which Can hold them up to 40lbs.
Milestones include complete control of head and tummy time rocks! She holds her head up wonderfully!
She can roll over back to front and front to back and is scootching all over her crib.
Sitting up is ALMOST accomplished, but still needs help to sit up from mommy.

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Well, we have the basic toys like rattles, stuffed animals, teethers....Weston also loves his jungle that he can lay under and grab things from up aboveand it plays music and has lights on it.  And there is a little orange monkey that came with the jungle that is his favorite toy right now.  It is small so he can grab it with both hands and chew on it.  

He is sitting up in highchair eating and on the floor he can go for a minute then falls over.  He now loves to be on a blanket on the floor just rolling around playing with toys.  He can roll over both ways and often rolls to tummy in bed and I will flip him back over whenever I check on him (I am worried to let him sleep that way too long)

Weston was 16.2lbs at 4months and 26 3/4inches, so he is a big boy and he thinks he is grown already.  But the main thing with him is that he wants to be up, either standing or sitting, but not laying down for too long.  He does like these little crunches in his carseat trying to get himself up whenever he gets tired of sitting there.  It is the cutest thing!!

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Aiden plays with rattles, teethers, blocks, toys on his play mat. He has complete control over his head, can roll from back to stomach, hasn't mastered stomach to back yet. can almost sit up by himself. He will put his feet in his mouth. He can pull his socks off. He will find ways to move around when on the floor.
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alex has regular toys. he has a few leapfrog things, but only because they were on sale...he prefers simple things that make noise. he holds his head up wonderfully(since about 3 months old), rolls over like crazy, and does it quickly! he can "run" from a diaper changing lol! he has a step-n-play piano, and although he doesnt crawl yet(he scoots lol), he can slide back and forth on that easily! he can push himself up so high on his arms during tummy time, he's practically on his fingertips!
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oh yea and we have the jungle portable highchair that fixes to a regular chair, he loves that(has a try w/things that spin on it), and he can sit up ok, but w/in 30 seconds, he falls over, then quickly hits his belly to push himself up lilke "yeah, i meant to do that!"  ;)
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