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rice cereal

has anyone else got the okay from their doctor for rice cereal?
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Hi,  I looked at the new pic's of aiden  he is getting so big!!!   Sarah had her 4 month check up yesterday.  The Dr told us to wait untill she was drinking 30 -32 oz of formula a day before introducing solid foods.  She still eats like a bird and i'm lucky to get 16 - 20 oz in her a day.  but.    I've been putting rice in her last bottle of the day since she was 6 weeks old It is thicker than the average formula.  
Good luck

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I went last week for Sarahs 4month checkup. She was 13lb 5oz and 23 3/4 inches long. (In the top 25%) Though her head was in the top 75%!!

He said, "so what do you think about first foods? She ready?" I said Yep, I think so. and He said, "okey dokey" She's good to go and doing beautifully....Music to my ears!

She cried today for a good hour. I tried everything the breast, and the rest of her milk from being away from home (also breastmilk, but in a bottle) and she wouldn't take either. So, I laid her down to nap...Nothng was STILL crying...at the top of her lungs mind you...I was scratching my head...Finally made her some cereal mix with breastmilk, and a LITTLE custard with bananas....and that did the trick! She wanted her first foods!! LOL Silly Mommy. So, I guess from now on she's getting first foods as an afternoon meal for a while.
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Aiden did good at his 4 month check up. He is eating 32 ounces and wants more. He was 14lbs 3.8ounces and 26 inches long. He is getting to be a big boy. He was more than ready for the rice cereal. He only cried for a minute and that was it.
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weston was 4 months this past sunday and he's been eating carrots for a week. we went for his 4 month check up yesterday and he was 16.3 lbs and 26 3/4in long!!  but he has always been a good eater and i knew he was ready to eat food. he doesnt like the cereal, but i'm gonna try it with fruit in it.  the first couple of days he played around with the carrots but by the 4th day he was eating the whole container. and he's really not changing the amount of formula he drinks because we're just learning about the food now, he's not having to really survive on it yet.

i'd say, go for it.....if it doesnt work, just keep trying each day until they get the hang of it..  but i always stop when he gets seriously mad, because then he could aspirate into his lungs if he's crying and trying to eat at the same time.

and be ready to take a carrot/peas/cereal/fruit, etc. bath!! 'cuz it's gonna get all over you!
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Hi there,

Ewan had his 4 month check up on Wednesday and he weighed in at 17 lb 15 oz!! and is 26 inches. He is 100th percentile for weight, definitely a big boy! :) We got the ok to start solids when we feel he is ready but I wanted to wait until he's closer to 6 months and at least until we have a high chair! :)
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