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Teething SOS

Ok so Naomi has been teething for two weeks now and still hasnt gotten her teeth to brake through. I know they are coming in b/c i see them and feel them. We have tried everything from Tylenol to Oragel. Teething rings and cold rags. She still fusses b/c she is in pain. I need some help. She doesnt want to chew on things b/c she doesnt realize it will help b/c she is only 14 weeks. Idk what to do with her. I need a brake from the fussiness. Someone please give me some advice!
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i would try a paracetamol liquid for young children, ice cream or an ice lolly, i know baby is very young but something ice cold she will enjoy chewing on, teething gel on a dummy maybe? my daughter did not like us putting the gel on her gums so i tried it on the dummy which she took to, maybe a piece of toast or a baby biscuit? they dissolve in the mouth but if she chewed on it it might relieve the pain. kids are going to eat something sweet so even the teething gel on a teething ring? poor little girl :( its not nice teething. your obviously at your wits end too, it will ease for you both. hope this helps xo
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Wow!! Isn't this really early for teething? I didn't think they'd get their first tooth until about 5 months! Poor Naomi and poor you!! Is she holding things on her own and able to put them in her mouth yet?
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Yeah I know its early. I dont know what to do. She will hold things sometimes but most of the time she wont hold them. Like I said we have tried everything and nothing seems to help. I am at my wits end.
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Sorry you have to go through this...it must be difficult since she can't put things in her mouth to chew on and soothe herself!
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Yes its difficult. But she is starting to get the hang of chewing on things now. Her tooth has started to pop through. When we wash her gums the rag gets caught on it so its getting there.
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Aw looks like little Naomi will be the first to get teeth. I know you mentioned she really doesnt like biting things but have you tried letting her chew on your finger? When I put my finger in Peri's mouth she loves it and bites more. LOL Good Luck. Im so sorry because I know is frustrating.

Side Note: The old people say hide a egg (uncooked) somewhere around the house. LOL Its suppose to help with teething.
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Well the left side has started to pop through finally now just got to get the rest thru. a little less fussy now but still drivin me a little nuts
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