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My angel arrived!

I went to the doctor for one of my last appts on Monday. I asked the doc to strip my membranes so that I could get the ball rolling. (40+1wks)

My baby had been head down and engaged since I was 37 weeks. The doc went to perform my membrane strip and paused. She said, "Well, that doesn't feel right. I can't feel her head... Let me get the ultrasound machine."

I thought to myself, "IMPOSSIBLE! She didn't think that the babies head was down last time too and pulled the same $hi+." Last appt, doc said that the babies head was SO far down that she couldn't feel it externally and needed the ultrasound to verify. And there she was! Practically IN my vagina. Lol.

However, the ultrasound machine verified on Monday, that my baby was no longer head down. She had decided to dislodge and turned herself sideways. Doc sent me to L & D to see if they could turn her. If they turned her, they wanted to induce right away to prevent her from turning again. If they couldn't turn her, they would have to do a csection. (I have had four vaginal deliveries and definitely didn't want my last child to break that mold by having a forced csection.)

So, for about a half hour of twisting and turning, pushing and pushing... They were FINALLY able to turn her back around!

They started the induction at around noon. Active labor started around 6pm. At 8:06pm, it was time to push!

My baby girl was born on 8/20/2014 weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 12oz at 8:09pm.

We had to stay in the hospital for two days because my wee one thought that regulating her low blood sugar was over rated. Once her blood sugar was maintained, we were discharged.

We're home now and she is adjusting well. Her brothers and sisters are MORE than happy to have her here.

Thank you for all your support on here ladies. It's been an awesome 9 months. Unfortunately, with 5 children... It's proving quite difficult to stay connected on here. I hope for nothing but awesome labors and deliveries for those of you October mommies that are still waiting patiently. The wait is well worth it!

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Yes they did. They said that if they didn't induce, that there was a likely chance that she would turn again, if provided the opportunity. Heaven forbid I went into labor while she was breach...
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Congratulations!! Did they start the induction without you having contractions , water break or mucus plug out? I mean without any signs of labour?
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thank you!!!! & congratulations!!!!
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