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What is everyone's biggest pregnancy complaint this far?!

Mine is my achy back/siatica pain... However, most of it is my siatica nerve, and I'm not sure why it hurts, but it kills me, I have some numbness, however, most of it is just pain, pretty much like someone is stabbing me on either my right or left side of my tail bone(depending on what side the baby is laying on at the time), and sometime I just wanna sink to the floor and cry because of the pain I am in.  But I can't do that, I put pressure on where it hurts and it seems to go away for a little bit.  And continue my job, which sometimes it isn't easy because I'm a CNA and I spend almost 7 and a half hours on my feet a day, but then again I come home and put my feet up and relaxe.  But I defintally "feeling" pregnant now, I mean I defintally feel like I am unable to do the same amout of work as I did prior to being pregnant.  However, don't get me wrong, I love it.  I just am veting all the pain I'm feeling out in here and I am encouraging ya'll to do the same.  
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I am having hip and back pain....especially at night. My hips ache something terrible and I can't get comfortable enough to sleep!

I feel like my body is not my own! I am happy as to the reason why, but I miss it!
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I am having some vaginal/pelvic pain..which almost feels like someone is scraping me or it's burning and shooting down on the inside down there...not a good picture or feeling...lol. Sciatic nerve pain is never fun and I have that too, hip pain, pain from ligaments stretching oh yea...if I sit in a chair that isn't padded, my tailbone feels as though it splits apart...that is really painful. I have to get up very slowly when that happens...let's see...sleeping at night is uncomfortable, so I use a pillow in between my legs to ease that pain...I think that's all I will complain about for now...lol. I don't even want to know how I will feel once I'm in the 3rd trimester. other than that, I LOVE being pregnant. I love feeling the baby move and kick which isn't much still, but better than nothing.
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i have bad back pain  and very vivid night mares! my back is worst in the evenings and at night :(
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Slzerbst:  I feel for you, I am a nurse and my job at the nursing home is terrible, pushing that med cart around and all that standing.  My job at the hospital which is 12 hour shifts is even worse, constantly power walking. I told both jobs i cant do any lifting period.  So i can imagine how you feel, some of them patients can be heavy.

I have all type of pain, im up now bcuz i need to take some tylenol or i wont get a good nights rest (and i have to work  7am-7pm in mourning), b4 i got preggo i had back spasms, that hurt, ouch, mixed with the pregnancy back pain its a kick in the rear, my OB told me not to take the meds for the back spasms and basicly deal with it until after i have the baby :(  

I have also been having vaginal pain, i cant even describe how it feels, i just no it hurts when i do have it, one time i got paronoid and thought mayb that was a sign my cervix was opening lol, so i went to dr for her to check it, it was nothing, but pain.
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Feeling like my body has been hijacked that's my biggest complaint. I love feeling the baby move and the belly is great, but I get so tired and achey every day.

I'm having a hard time sleeping now between the crazy dreams and switching sides every hour it's keeping me up at night. I'm waiting for a benadryl to kick in now so I can get a good nights sleep tonight.
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My biggest complaint is my own worrying!!!  I wish I could just start to relax and not worry so much.  I am starting to get back and hip pain at night also which is definitely affecting my sleep.  Anyone tried a body pillow?  I heard they are good

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I am feeling it too ladies!!!  Everytime I turn, it wakes me up and I know it will get way worse from here!  The bigger the baby gets, the stronger those kicks will get and I just hate when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of night and lil miss thinks it's time to get up.  She gets to moving all around and then I can't go back to sleep because she won't be still.  Oh, and she tends to kick really low.  Sometimes, it feels like her foot (or whatever she's moving down there) is going to come out of me down south!!!  I mean I love feeling her move too, but those things are just not comfy.  But it is reassuring to feel her move.  I just remind myself of that when it gets really uncomfortable...I'd rather feel her than not feel her!

Oh yeah Stacey.  I worry myself to death sometimes....
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just the aches and pains but i have to say, mine have died down a LOT since the beginning of the trimester. maybe at the moment my body has caught up to where i was with Aidyn, like it was fully normal yet so it will probably all start back up pretty soon. my butt hurts a lot still though....

Stacey, i have a body pillow and i LOVE it, it does help a lot. the only thing that bothers me is i cannot stay in one position all night long SO when i try to flip sides, i have to pull my leg out from under it, flip over, put my other leg under and start trying to get comfy again. doesnt sound like a pain but when you are half asleep, you feel like you are tangled in this pillow thats eating you alive!! probably not very ballet looking =)

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LOL Asking- I know exactly what you mean!! I need two pillows on on each side so I don't have to untangle it from the sheet and flip it over. I'm driving my dh nuts!
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lol, DH says that he never gets a full nights sleep when i have it in the bed. some night i dont even want to deal with it so i just put a smaller pillow between my legs, much easier...but i did forget about the sheet too....its in on the attacking of the pillow =)
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I have an attack pillow (and sheets) too!  But I guess it helps a little with the severe pain in my pubic area.  My dr. says this is normal b/c of the extra weight down there.  But the babies only weigh around a pound each right now.  I am afraid it's only going to get worse.  

I feel like I'm as big as a house already, including a full waddle,,, and I can't even reach my feet anymore, to put on socks anymore or tie my shoes.  Shaving... is a pain in the butt as well.  

Oh but the WORST part of all is, like Stacey said, the worrying.

Sorry, you asked for the "biggest" complaint, and I wrote a book about it. LOL

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Ummm, I haven't much much expect for my terrible headaches here and then. I also experience lower back pain especially after standing for too long. Other than that it's been good so far.  Praying it stays that way....
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I forget to add that I am still dealing with a form of morning sickness...the nausea is the worst in the morning and if I don't take my little pill...I throw up! BLAH!
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LoL (to everyone who has experanced the next things I am about to write about... Sorry i don't have the patiens to type everyone's names out... cuz I'm lazy)

I have two body pillows, lol one for each side, however, the one that is usually on the edge of the bed, usually gets pushed off cuz I get pi$$ed that I am not comfy in the middle of the night.  AND the other one usually is occupied with dh's leg, which makes for a really long night of tossing and turning, lol not to mention the fact that when I realize that my one pillow is on the floor that I am too damn tired to get up and put it back up on the bed to make myself comfy so I just lay there in pain.  *sigh*  It never seems to work out right.  Though DH defintally thinks so... since he is sleeping through the whole night.  

Oh and what about the baby's movements?!  Like so many of you, I love the way it feels when I'm AWAKE, but then when I am trying to sleep or nap, that is another story all together.  And I hate to say it, but I get frusterated when it starts kicking me and I'm trying to sleep.  *sigh* And then when I want DH to feel it kick... it compleatly stops so when I am trying to sleep I make dh put his had on my belly so that it will stop kicking me so I can fall asleep.  Oh and when I'm at work it's terrible because it feels the need to start kicking or moving when I'm trying to get my work done forcing me to stop for a minute, so the pain will go away, because this is usually when it feels like the baby's foot is going to brake through and I will be walking around with a lil foot hanging out down south.  So to who ever was talking about it kicking you "down there," mine has been too.  

The head achs are terrible too, however, I usually only get one once a week... in this sence I'm lucky.  But when I do get one, it usually lasts and lasts, which truly sux... but I usually take some tylenol and/or a benadryl so I can fall asleep and forget about the pain.  YEY me I guess...

The other thing that I am defintally thankfull that I don't have is the vaginal pain and/or hip pain (yet).  But I know that that is yet to come since I am between 19 and 21 weeks along... according to my doctor.  Oh well I guess... we'll have to see.  And I am defintally looking forward to hearing about everyone's pains along with their venting about things that really get them mad.  **Sorry** for this book I decied to write...  But I just wanted to let everyone know that they aren't alone, nore are they truly uniqu pains that they are having.  LoL We all have them too, so good luck and have a blessed pregnancy.
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