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Are any of your feeding your baby Enfamil Nutramigen formula?  I have a baby with colic, reflux, constipation and a lot of gas so I'm trying this formula but now she has stools like she did when she was only on breast-milk!  So I've essentially gone from have a screaming constipated baby to having a baby with very loose stools.  Oh and Lucy is just under 6 weeks now and still not sleeping very well.  Anyone have any advice to help get her to sleep more than 2 hours at a time at night?  Some nights she HAS slept 3 hours in one stretch but it's far and few between.  Any advice/help on the above issues would be greatly appreciated!
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Wow!!! Your Little 1 sounds just like mine!!! She has all the same exact symptoms!!! She gets horribly constipated..... But we have kept her on the same formula... The doctor just told us to give her prune juice daily!! Her formula right now is enfamil newborn!!! Maybe you could try some catnip tea!! We have started giving this to her at night and it seems to really help her rest!! She is a very colicky baby!! She screams hours at a time sometimes :(!! How do you like the formula that you are using??
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Im on the similac sensitive for all the reasons you guys have stated above except my baby also has a bad rash on her face and neck which I think is eczema :{ I want to try the similac ailmentum but its really exspensive and I dont know if even with a docs note if wic will cover it...Im taking her to the doc thurs to discuss all this so we will see
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so the Enfamil Nutramigen formula that we have Lucy on is a miracle formula!  Her colic, after being on it a few weeks, is so much better.  We dont' have the extreme crying anymore and we don't have the constipation either.    The formula is expensive, about 23 for the small can and 33 for the large can but i have to say, it's SO worth it to have this seemingly normal baby now.  I can sleep now, I can relax now, I no longer feel the baby blues and I am now loving being a mom to this beautiful little girl.  I will say that I do add gas drops to each of her bottles as well and I have switched to using the Dr. Brown bottles to help with the excess burping/gas in her little tummy.  There is nothing better at this point than waking up to a little girl who is smiling and cooing and laughing when she sees me.
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I have one twin on Enfamil Nutramigen and the other one on Similac alimentum, basically the same but my little girl hated Nutramigen so we tried the Similac, which tasted better for her and it's fine:)

PEOPLE: PLEASE ASK YOUR INSURANCE TO PAY FOR THE FORMULA, If the formula is hypoallergenic they WILL!!!!!!!!!! Tell your doctor to write a prescription and they should pay for it!!!

I also use Dr Bowns bottles and add gas drops to the formula.

My babies are enjoyable now, if you know what I mean:)
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so I just checked with my insurance, they only cover the formula if the baby is diabetic. :(  Too bad....I guess I'll have to keep paying over $100 bucks a month!  Formula is just so expensive!
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It really is my baby was switched to ailmentum and even though I do get wic she eats more than that and that milk is almost 30 bucks wow!!!
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