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1st Ultrasound

I have my 1st ultrasound tomorrow,  what should I expect?  
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From your other posts to some members in the community, I came to know, that your are about have a 11 week or beyond Ultrasound visualization. The signs I mentioned are Early signs, when scanning is done below 6th week.
At 11 weeks the development of the head and neck continues.The fetus (no longer the embryo) occupies now half of the amniotic cavity. the Crown-Rump Length will be greater than 42 mm, reaching 76 mm at 13 weeks.
From now on, a more detailed anatomical survey can be obtained, including the cerebral and cardiovascular systems and the digestive and urinary tracts.Stomach, bladder and the kidneys are visible. Fetal fingers and toes are easier to visualize.
In week twelve the skull is fully formed. Facial and abdominal structures can be observed. Hands and feet are fully developed. It is possible to count the fingers and toes.

However, the early membranes formed during conception, grows in to Fetal sac, amnion, chorion and umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic fluid etc, can be visualized and their status must be estimated along with fetal development.

However come back with the results, we can interpret it.
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"Congratulations! A live fetus!" The zygote migrates from tube into the fundal uterus with implantation on day 22–25.

The first ultrasound sign of pregnancy is a gestational sac (chorionic sac-5th week) that appears as a double ring that is comprised of the certain membranes and confirm that it is implanted just below the surface of endometrium. Also the uternie orientation and consistency are also evaluated to see the sustenance of pregnancy.The sac should be seen when the Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is between 1,000 and 2,000 mIU/mL. Once identified, the sac diameter should grow by an average of 1 mm per day.
The second sign,yolk sac,which provides nourishment and produces the stem cells that develop into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
By 5-6 menstrual weeks, one can see an embryo and its lengths are visualized. Cardiac activity, with heart rate >118, should be visualized when the embryonic length is 4 mm or greater, which indicates a healthy live fetus. But during later weeks, other parts can be visualized depending upon Gestational age.At this point of time, only these land marks are necessary to confirm a normal pregnancy.
If you can mention your LMP and calculate your gestational time either in days/ weeks, then, it would be easy to give you only those details about what to expect. Once you have done with your scanning, come back here to interpret the results. Keep a track record of days with the help of pregnancy apps,baby's development and your status/schedules/prenatal care/delivery plan/appointments can be easily  monitored and we would be able to help you with what to expect at a given moment. Talk to your Doctor or Nurse, about above mentioned things. All The Best and Congratulations!
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