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20 facts about me .

Thought this would be cool to do :))

1. My name is Michelle
2. First time mom to a babyboy due Nov. 4
3. Got pregnant at my honeymoon.
4. Married the love of my life February 8, 2014 .
5. People call me "preggos" now lol
6. I can drink a billion water bottles all day. I LOVE water.
7. I hate wearing socks. They feel weird on my feet!
8. I have to sleep with shorts or else I can't sleep.
9. Iam OBSSESED with mascara.
10. Cheetah print is my addiction.❤️
11. I hate having my boobs covered , like I have to show a lil cleavage or else I feel like a boy. Ahahahaha
12. I have big eyes & they have always given me problems . From eye infections , to eye styes , to even dry eyes. It *****!
13. I loveeeeeeeeee shrimp!!
14. I was born in Mexico City. But raised in Vegas
15. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I want butt injections lol
16. I HATE bees , Mosquitos , flies.
Anything with wings pretty much .
17.  My favorite color is Pink .
18. I want to study to become a NICU nurse .
19. Iam a NEAT FREAK!!
20. My biggest fear is loosing my husband & my babyboy.

Feel free to comment your 20 facts :)))
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So cool! Love this. Gives better insight on the moms on a personal level
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1. My name is Gaby
2. Also a ftm! Due Nov 12 with my baby boy!
3. Choosing a name was the hardest thing ever until we decided Matthew Alexander!
4. I got pregnant 6 months after my wedding day
5. I wanna become a Nurse :)
6. I am terrified of lizards I just hate those things
7. My favorite season is fall ironically the same season my baby is due :)
8. I am obsessed with boots :D
9. I've always been small in size so I hate when people say I'm too small to be 6 months
10. My OB says I'm healthy and so is my little man but I'm always worried lol
11. I hate having these huge boobs
12. I love turkey and chicken right now :D
13. I hate bacon and ham the most right now
14.  I lost mostly all my friends since I got married
15. My biggest fear is giving birth I feel like I won't be able too
16. I love my iphone lol
17. I have to have a lot of ice whenever I'm drinking something
18. I wanna go live in Spain at some point in my life
19. I still love to watch Spongebob Squarepants lol
20. I love my life
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Lol alright. Here goes...

1. My name is Sydney, my nickname is Squid/Squidney
2. I love my pets. I have a great Pyrenees, and he looks like a mythical dog lion, and I have a cat, who looks like a cat.
3. When people ask me how far along I am I like to tell them that I'm not pregnant and give them a scolding look.
4. I'm actually 37 weeks
5. I play the piano, I paint, draw, and I'm a pretty good singer, but I won't show my work or sing it play in front of you unless you will not be in my grill. I am anxious and don't like attention.
6. Did I mention I have anxiety?
7. I'm known to my family and friends as a smart ***.
8. I am jokingly mean spirited but I am very kind hearted, I promise.
9. I am naming my son Lucas after my spirit guide. Also his father is a huge fan of star wars so win win.
10. I've known my boyfriend since we were thirteen, and now were twenty.
11. I am hugely into astrology, I think it's a lot of fun.
12. I used to be a stoner.
13. I own a Volkswagen bus.
14. I pick my nose when no one is watching.
15. My house is haunted.
16. I love science. I love quantum physics. I love talking about life and relating it to what we know about the universe.
17. I constantly feel split between the logical side of myself and the intuitive side.
18. I make some pretty banging cheesecake.
19. My favorite colo
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R is purple.
20. My best friend is coming over and we are going to do cool stuff.
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1. My name is Kirsten
2. I'm 24
3. I met and started dating my husband at 14.
4. We got married when I was 18.
5. I've been a Navy wife since 18.
6. I got pregnant with our son at 20 after trying for 3 full years.
7. I got pregnant this time the night of our 5 year wedding anniversary :)
8. My best friend and I met when we were 5 years old.
9. I am a speed reader. I love reading.
10. We've lived in VA since we got married since he is stationed here.
11. I'm only 5ft tall
12. I am a stay at home mom and love it
13. We have 3 dogs who are like family.
14. I am usually brutally honest.
15. I was a stoner in high school.
16. I'm terrified of bugs snakes and spiders!
17. I have a huge fear of something happening to my son so I haven't put him in daycare.
18. I'm addicted to Dr Pepper!
19. I love crime shows
20. I sometimes struggle with depression.
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Awesome idea :)
1.This will be my second child, girl again :)
2. I absolutely love cats, I have one long haired siamese right now named Keke.
3. I've been to 20 different states.
4. I was born at 4am, my mom was only in labor 5 hours (luckyyy)
5. I stopped growing in 7th grade at 5'2"
6. I'm naming my daughter Klea marie ♡
7. Me and klea's dad are exactly 7 months apart and have the same initials.
8. I looooove snow, but where I live we hardly get any.
9. I've never broken a bone :)
10. I want a pitt bull badly, but they're hard to find here.
11. I'll be 22 on September 20th
12. I play waaaaay too much black ops 2! LOL
13. I miss smoking camel menthol, they're my go to stress reliever.
14. I'm in love with fruit and rootbeer this pregnancy :)
15. I recently lost my stuffed cat named cookie that I've had since I was 3 and I'm depressed about it...
16. I constantly try to have  my cat model for me, sometimes it works ;)
17. Klea is due on thanksgiving,  I hope she comes a little early though.
18. I have major social anxiety, I hardly have any friends now as well.
19. I work for my grandma as a caregiver, best job ever :)
20. I love learning about zodiacs, and very much believe in them. I'm a virgo :)
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Love this idea! Great way to get to know other moms!
1. My name is Ciara.
2. I'm due September 25th, 32 weeks exactly!
3. It's a girl!
4. I'm only 16 and got pregnant on accident.
5. I've been with the baby daddy since March 10th, 2013.
6. I was a freshman and he was a senior when we started dating.
7. We broke up after 9 months, then almost a month later he messaged me asking if I'd come over to smoke and talk to him about everything. I got pregnant that night because we were very irresponsoblee!
8. I was born January 7th
9. My favorite colors are blue and black
10. I have problems with depression, anxiety, anger, and am mildly bipolar.
11. I love animals more than I do people!
12. I crave fried chicken constantly!
13. I've already gained 36 ibs :/
14. I'm 5'9".
15. I have an obsession with the stars and space itself.
16. I'm really worried and scared about being able to finish school. I'm breastfeeding so I won't be able to attend this next year.
17. I depress myself with constantly thinking about what I could've and should've done and all the things I'm missing out on.
18. All I wear year round are boots. Even in summer, when all I've been wearing are skirts!
19. I have three siblings. An older brother( who my mom had when she was my age, ironically), an 11 year old sister, and a 3 year old brother!
20. I live in Maine (:

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Here goes lol..
1. My name's Demi :)
2. I have a beautiful 20 month old girl named Kayla
3. Currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second little girl
4. Her name will be Olivia
5. I'm 18
6. My children have different dads and I'm not with either of them
7. I've had my heart broken far too many times by this baby's daddy :(
8. I fall in love far too quickly
9.I'm a stay at home mum
10. I live in the UK (Scotland)
11. The weather here is crap lol
12. I'm addicted to ice at the moment, was the same during my first pregnancy and that's how I knew I was having a girl again lol
13. I don't have many friends as I'm a single mum and all my friends wanna party and I'd much rather stay at home and read a book :)
14. I want to be a teacher
15. I've had to deal with a lot of things in my life that no one should ever have to go through so I was a very difficult teen before I had my daughter
16. I believe in astrology and star signs etc I'm a cancer
17. I'm far too trusting for my own good
18. I always give people a second chance (and a third, fourth, fifth...100th)
19. I'm genuinely a very warm, giving and caring person and when I care about people they know it!
20. If anyone were to ever try and hurt my children, I'd end up serving life in prison for murder haha :)
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1. My name is shayla
2. Im a first time mom and my baby girl is due sept. 13th
3. My favorite color is blue
4.im a small girl
5. Im naming my daughter after my cousin and sister ( my cousin is 3 months older then me and she passed away in may)
6. I tell it how it is
7. Im addicted to drink root beer
8. I always wanted a white tiger which will never happen
9. I got pregnant a month after dating my exs cousin. The guy im pregnant by we are still together
10. Im 22 years old
11. I have one dog and 2 Ferrets
12. I graduated high school in 2011
13. I lost some of my friends when I became pregnant because I cant go out partying
14.im my 12 year sisters role model since we are 10 years apart.
15. I use to do karate but I quit the night of my red belt
16.im very caring
17. Im nervous about being a mom
18. I have alot of angery in me that I need to let out.
19. Since I became pregnant im addicted to pudding
20. I get along better with males then females because I became friends with females who are drama queens. ( which im not a drama queen and I try to avoid it)
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Omg I hate wearing socks too although I do not like my feet
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1. I'm a ftm, expecting my baby November 29th.
2. My baby is super shy. No gender yet!
3. I got pregnant a month after my miscarriage so every day that this pregnancy goes well is a miracle.
4. The dad is my fiance and best friend. He has anxiety about being a father which I find endearing.
5. I consider my six year old doxie, Odie, my fur child. He is the best dog ever!
6. I am Wiccan.
7. I am liberal and very opinionated.
8. I don't appreciate rudeness. It is my top pet peeve.
9. I am only 19.
10. I am an aspiring tattoo artist and filmmaker.
11. Ever since I became pregnant, most of my friends abandoned me.
12. I'm a huge geek. Buffy, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Charmed, you name it and I geek out. So is the daddy.
13. We chose baby names from our favorite tv show.
14. I love meat. I could never be a vegetarian which always makes me feel guilty cuz I love animals so much.
15. My name is Elizabeth but no one ever calls me that. My nickname list is a mile long. Kezia being one of them.
16. I love body art. I have tons of tattoos and piercings.
17. We want  our child to have mostly gender neutral stuff. We want to raise her/him to believe they can do anything regardless of gender.
18. My shower theme will be Halloween.
19. I hated high school. It was miserable.
20. Becoming a mommy is the best thingy that ever happened to me.
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I'm a couple years to old for this forum but I'm gonna post anyway cuz I think this is cool. :)
1. I'm having my first baby. . Due Nov.  28th!♡
2. We are keeping the gender a surprise!
3. I have a black pug named franki and he is my baby!  We are getting him a sweater that says big brother lol.  
4. Met my hubby when I was in hair school. Got married 3 years later and now married for 3 years. :)
5. Met my best friend in grade 8 and she is now marrying my husband's best friend.
6. I'm obsessed with make up. . Fake eye lashes and bronzer.  
7. Love My hair extensions!!
8. I am a hair color specialist. . Love coloring peoples hair and making them look beautiful!
9. Obsessed with snow boarding!
10. Love fishing!  Summer fishing & Winter fishing! My husband and I have that in common.
11. Have 5 nieces and nephews and they are so awesome!  They are very excited for their new baby cousin!
12. Never was a fan of drinking but I was a stoner for 10 years. . Quit before we started having a baby and no one thought I was going to be able too.. even My husband!  Proved them wrong! :)
13. I Am a germ a phob.  Can't Stand people sneezing.
14. My favorite color is purple
15. I've had my hair colored every color except for green. Now keeping it blonde.  
16. My best body part I think is my boobs lol.. Love showing them off. My mom always told me if you got them flaunt them lol.  
17. I've had a very easy pregnancy so far
18. Can't wait to be a mom.. My friends think I am crazy but I am actually looking forward to the sleepless nights.  
18. I play the drums. . Double bass as well. :)
19. Love metal, classic rock and punk music.  
20. I have 12 tattoos and totally going to get more!!
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-My name is Carlie
-I am from Port Hope, Ontario
-I'm 24 (well, basically, my birthday is tomorrow)
-I'm due August 10th with a baby boy we are naming Oliver (Ollie for short)
-I have PCOS and only one ovary due to a cyst so getting pregnant was not something I ever thought I would experience
-I work at the LCBO (liquor control board of ontario) and as a server in a private school kitchen
-I love animals more than I love people lol (we have two kitties and one rabbit)
-I am a huge medical and recreational use marijuana advocate (this is a huge part of my life)
-My family mean everything to me and I am blessed to have the most supportive parents anyone could ever ask for
-I love trashy reality shows (real housewives, bad girls club, big brother, cops,  lay it on me baby!)
-I'm obsessed with painting my nails, I change them up probably every two days or whenever they start to chip lol
-I have struggled with depression and social anxiety all my life (it isn't easy)
-my boyfriend and I met at work, he had a fiancé but I always had this feeling that we would end up together.  And we did :)  (side note* she created on him, I had nothing to do with their separation!)
-My favourite food is sushi, and I have been craving it every damn day of this pregnancy lol
-Purses are my most favourite thing to shop for and are my most favourite accessory
-I have about 5 close girlfriends. I can't stand catty girls and won't deal with their bull, which keeps my friend group pretty small.  I like it that way, the friends I have I've had for ages and I know they're true friends who will always be there for me.
-I'm half Lebanese and half English.  My boyfriend is half German, 1/4 Native and a 1/4 Newfie. So our little boy will be 1/4 Lebanese, 1/4 English, 1/4 German, 1/8 Native and 1/8 Newfie. Quite a mix!
-my son will love rap music because that's all his mommy and daddy listen to lol. Classic rap especially (Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Easy E, and so on)
-My favourite beauty product is perfume (my favourite scent right now is Pink Sugar)
-If I'm home, I'm naked. Always. Lol

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I'm a bit old for this group but posting anyway :-)

1. My name is Kristyn
2. I am 28 years old and pregnant with my first baby, a little girl
3. I have been married for almost 3 years, and with my hubby for 6.
4. This baby was not planned but we are very excited
5. We have not decided on any names yet (we had a boys name but girls names seem much more difficult LOL)
6. I am a registered nurse
7. I have worked in pediatrics for 7 years and I LOVE my job
8. We have 4 cats - Goblin, Raven, Tabitha, and Jack
9. I have never smoked anything in my life
10. I was a big wine person before getting pregnant, and I miss it sometimes
11. I live in the US but would move to the UK in a heartbeat
12. I consider myself to have no political affiliation
13. I never really liked summer until I got pregnant
14. I love the fall, and had a beautiful October wedding
15. I've always wanted a Mini Cooper and almost got one right before getting pregnant
16. I don't outwardly come off that way, but I am very self conscious
17. I hate having all the attention on me
18. I love to take baths to relax
19. I wish my husband and I had more time to spend together
20. I know I will end up being the disciplinarian of the family
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1. My name is Jessica
2. I am 21 years old, 22 on October 17th
3. I have been married for a little over 2 months now and been with my husband for 2 years and a day
4. Officially this will be my first baby, but I had miscarried before when I was 18
5. My husband and I both knew we were having a little girl the moment we found out we were having a baby.
6. Met my husband online but by going to the same concert. {he added me after seeing I went to that concert}
7. Our daughter saved our relationship. We were fighting all the time and once the test said positive, the fighting just stopped
8. I have PCOS and was getting worse after I miscarried so I thought I would never be able to have kids again.
9. Even though I knew I was having a girl, I couldn't stop myself from hoping to have a boy. (Husband wanted a girl first though, I guess he got his wish lol)
10. My older sister and I have never got along and she always tried to outshine me. I got engaged and 2 weeks later so did she, She didn't want anymore kids but once I got pregnant she decided she wanted to keep trying. Now she is pregnant.
11. My daughter will be my dad's first biological grand child and my grandma's {his mom's} first biological great grand child
12. I'm scared that I wont be a good mom
13. I'm also scared of doing this all alone since our family are hours away and my husband is at work more then half the day
14. I will be a stay at home mom for 1 reason, I don't think I would be able to trust a stranger to watch my daughter and since there is no close family members I have no one to watch her
15. This was a planned yet not planned pregnancy lol
16. I kind of hate my husbands biological dad and that side of the family but absolutely love his step dad's side of the family
17. I hate when ppl tell me "Just wait till she comes" like my daughter will be just like their spoiled bratty kids
18. I'm hoping my lady bug stays baking till I hit 40 weeks.
19. I have a cat and 2 guinea pigs, but I will be giving away the guinea pigs since I wont be able to take care of them like I am suppose to when she comes
20. I have 1 tattoo but plan on getting at least 3 more
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1. My name is Jack'Qunia they call me JackieO 4 what idk lol
2. I was born 121591 in Japan " military "
3. Im a mother of 3 , 3 year old skye who will b 4 aug 30th , lamar who just turnt 1 feb 26th nd now 23 weeks nd 5 days with baby boy messiah
4. i always cry when i watch lifetime lol
5. i had big dreams of becoming a dancer now im a full time mommy yayyy
6. i love TATTOOS god if i could cover my body i would but i love the 16 i have
7. I hate a dirty house , especially when my kids come in nd just thru things everywhere from playing with daddy
8. Im married to a VDOT worker Virginia department of transportation , so u know im im va ugh
9. I was a stoner nd i regret it but its life lol
10. I'm 22 years young
11. my 1st pregnancy was at 16 but i lost my daughter from still born rest easy lyric
12. i hate cats , dogs, snakes , just about everything that lives outside ny door
13. im a 2010 graduate
14. i love getting my nails , feet nd eyes brows done at least twice a month
15. i hate a liar Y LIE
16. I went from 130 to 165 as of now
17. i love steak , shrimp nd ribs plus my aunt mac cheese hand made
18. i cut all my hair to donate so now im rocking a short cut
19. my favorite color is pink nd platinum
20. im a diabetic but that dosent stoo me
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1. My name is Paris
2. I'm a ftm due on September 8th
3. I'm naming my daughter london
4. I have some college under my belt and graduated valedictorian
5. I'm 19 about to be 20 on August 11th
6. I watch law and order svu all the time
7. My favorite color is blue
8. I love pineapples
9. I watch sponge bob squarepants still lol
10. My major is early childhood education (want to be a teacher)
11. I've gained 7 pounds since last week
12. I can't polish my toes anymore
13. I really don't let McDonald's but it's the only thing I can afford sometimes
14. I think my daughter is going to be a daddy's girl
15. I get angry when I'm hungry lol
16. Everyone is scared for me to give birth except for ME!
17. People say I have the pregnancy glow
18. I hate having sensitive skin
19. I love my boyfriend with all my heart
20. I Love this app but it can be nerve wrecking at times lol
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