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What Do You Ladies Think? Any One In The Same Boat?

im having some weird stuff myself!
I completely missed my period for march!
i will be total of 21 days late! counting from
Had a test done at doc when i was almost week late and negative
when my cycle should have begun in march till now.
Told me if my period dosent come when its due for april,come back in!
My next cycle is suppose to start untill the 23rd
but on the 11th i started bleeding,but it wasn't enough to even wear a pad/tampon! I only saw blood when i wiped,and it wasn't the normal red.
and then as the days went on it went from red,to pink to brown and continues to do so,It stops for hours and sometimes almost a day then shows back up same as before,light flow barely any flow really,and going from red,pink n brown.
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yes I am now 14 days late for my af. and I don't know what's going on. I have taken about 7 pregnancy test and they've all came back negative. my last period was march 6th. when I went to the health department the woman told me to keep testing until I get a positive or until my AF comes. but what good is that that's not helping me now..... I am so frustrated this has never happened to me before. and the thing is I'm trying to conceive. so I either want this test to be positive or my AF to come on already. I haven't had any kind of bleeding but I've been pregnant twice before and never had any kind of bleeding. but I do have thick white discharge sorry tmi..  my boobs are sore but not too sore, I'm getting headaches, and I have lower back pain sometimes. it's just so damn frustrating... sorry I had to vent!
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I understand hun
you can vent all you want!
My weird thing 1 day after missed period
my nipps got very sore and stayed warm to the touch.
then at about a week,it went away,,Buut was replaced
by these blue veins on my boobs,and criss crossing my chest
and since then more have showed up in my hips,legs. and as of yesterday
i'm getting this odd sensation in my breasts and they are starting to stay warm again,Anything like this ever happen to you hun? And Thank you for replying to all my posts! It's nice to have someone to share things with!
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I was in same boat but when I missed my period again that's when I found out I'm pregnant good luck
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Thanks for the response hun!
i'm hoping to find something out soon!
and will keep things updated on here!
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OK sounds good ur welcome
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well I went to the emergency room today because I'm now 15 days late. they did a urine test and it was negative. so I asked for a blood test and it was all so negative. so I got two BFNS.  but it could also be too early for me to be testing and I might not have enough of the hormone in my body yet. I'm so sad right now. if I'm not pregnant where has my AF gone? but I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. I just don't understand.......
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I'm sorry sweetie!
It could its too early!
I'm 22 days late!
I'm still having symptoms.
Just the other day my breasts have started back feeling hot/heavy and burning like sensation,and still more blue veins! Also got some odd whitish/clear discharge today,no blood,no brown nothing,just the discharge. Try not to worry too much! it could be delaying your cycle if comes on! Just try and be patient! It's hard trust me,i'm having trouble waiting too,But maybe things will turn out okay for us! I wish you the best luck hun!
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thank you so much. good luck to you too. and I do hope everything works out for the both of us.
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Your very welcome sweetie
Just got very faint pink when took a bathroom break
so not sure whats going on,it certainly isn't my cycle.
But i will just hold out while longer and see! if it is my cycle
it should stop today,being day 6. Never had a cycle over 6 days
but then again never missed one like in march or had one early,like now.
hoping for the best!
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Do you think its possible I ovulated late? And thats why im 15 days late and getting negatives. I had sex a couple of days before af was due. Could I have ovulated then? Im wondering all kinds of different things..... If thats the case I wonder if and when I will have a positive prego test...
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I am in the same boat but mine is 11 days late and now I am bleedin but its not like blood its brown more than red..I haven't takin a test I was gonna go get one tonight I am more scared than anything
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Wait until the morning to test.
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It is possible
if your cycles is more than 28 days
then very possible,mine are 31 days
So could be why we are getting negatives!
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Yeah hun i would do one in the morning
Don't be too scared tho! Im sure things will be alright!
Pregnancy can be scary for people especially if its their first possible one.
But don't over worry,worry can cause a late cycle also! and if prego isn't good for the baby. Just do one in the morning hun,If ya need to vent,go ahead! i'm all ears!.
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Say For Example   if your usual luteal phase is two weeks, then it will pretty much always be two weeks. so if you ov on day 21 instead of 14 then your period will be one week later than it usually is and if you get preg around a late ov then it would take longer to get a positive test. But unless you know the day you begin ov then its hard to say,LP can be 10,14 or even 17 days,each person differs.
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Yes if I am it will be my first And I am upset because seen that scared me I know that its better to take it in the mornin..I just don't want to put a tampon in to you know idk if its my cycle or if it could be the baby attatchin to my uterus
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Yeah don't use a tampon
if it continues to be reddish,pink,brown and very light then don't.
If it doesn't come on like a full cycle within a few days then,it could what you call implantation bleeding.
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@laceylu91. Hey have you went to the doctor yet? I want to know what he says about you. I am still so confused. You know it's been 16 days now and no sign of AF coming. So what the hell*is it? Its driving me insane. I mean my fiance is mad at me right now because I stay on the phone so long just to find out what's going on with me.
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See here's what I'm thinking. If this makes any sense at all. I quit my birth control in Dmber. I never had a cycle in till February 10. So I miss the whole month of January. But again I had my cycle on March 6. I am normally 28 days cycle. But from February 10 to March 6 that was only 24 days. So coming off of birth control that made my cycle not regular. So last month after I had my cycle. I got some ovulation predictor kits. I tested every day from after my cycle until like the 24th of March. But I never got a positive. So I'm thinkin that I ovulated after that. And we had sex at the end of March and at the beginning of April. I was supposed to start my cycle April 2nd or April 3rd. So I'm wondering if I am pregnant and the test just aren't picking it up because I ovulated so late. If that makes any sense at all. Sorry for such a long post I'm just trying to figure this ***** out. And thanks for your help. It feels good to be able to talk to someone that is in the same situation I am....
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also my last menstral cycle lasted from March 6th to the 9th. but I've been pregnant twice. and both times I've never had any implantation bleeding. so I havent had any bleeding since my last cycle... Wtf? Is up? sorry I'm venting again...
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Well I started heavy bleedin last night and now having massive pains worse than my cycle and haveing wierd clots
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Yes i can see where your coming from.
I haven't been to the doc yet cuz i wanted to see if i have period on day its due on the 23rd this month,if i do,then id know im not,but if i dont have one then i know something is up,
My mum said she never had implantation bleeding only with me.
none of my other brothers and sisters.and if you ovulated late and then got pteg then it wouldnt show up yet
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if the pain is very bad and in your lower back or your stomach,and you have clots  it could be a miscarriage sweetie,I had one few years ago and i was late,one day i stood up n fell back in sever pain and had very clotted blood start pouring like water from a sink,I had a m/c. You need to go to a doc or ER and let me check to see if your having a m/c or if your period is just very painful and messed up
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Yes it felt like I got ran over by a truck in my lowet area..but the pain is still there just not as bad now and I callwd rhe doc and they told me they can't really do anything but if it gets worse then go to the doc or the er

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