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Pregnancy after vasectomy?

I basically need to find out if it is at all possible to become pregnant if your partner has had a vasectomy.
My partner had one a fair few years ago, but I really want to be a fantastic mum! It hurts to know that there is only a tiny tiny chance I may get to be a mum. Do We save up and pay for a reversal or do we try as it is? I can't bare to think I will never be a mum :/
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What happens in sperm banks etc? I know this is an option but I'm unsure  on where to start. I know adoption is also an option, I just wanted my own :/ guess a bit of selfishness there!!
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I'm not sure if you can reverse it. I know you can reverse getting your tubes tied but when a male gets a vasectomy it actually cuts the cord. There is a chance in the begining but probably not that much later on. I'm sorry. There is always the use of a sperm bank or adoption. I'm sure you would make a wonderful mother! Good luck.
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