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I started this group... for any ladies that have had a TR/ Tubal Reversal /  Tubal Reanastomosis. I had my tubes tied for 8 years, 2 months and 2 days.. i regretted it from the moment i had it done, and had two failures.. neither one survived.. im 1 month post op from my reversal, and currently TTC... is there anyone else out there ?? :)
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I know this is for women that have had a reversal but I just wanted to wish you luck.. I know what it feels like to regret the choice you made. My tubes have been tied for 8 years now. I will be having my tubal here in a few weeks and i am so excited..
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Aww.. your more then welcome... i had mine tied January 10th 2002.. and had my reversal on March 12th 2010 :) 8 years, 2 months & 2 days later.. :)  we are currently TTC and it will make you bonkers lol...

Where are you going for your reversal??
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I had my tubal in June of 02, so i guess that makes me 2 months short of 8 years. I am going to Bedord with Dr. Nackley. We had our consult already and were just waiting for the rest of the funds.. We will be scheduling this week.. Im so anxious and know my husband is as well. He does not have any children of his own and I have three. Good luck and keep me posted...
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AHHH Same here ... i have 3 daughters, and my hubby has none of his own... :)

Well we didnt nail it last month, we bd for last time a week before i oed :( He works out of town, so yea... blah... he will be home the 28th, and my fertile time is that week after he gets home.. so ...FX!!!! :) Good luck with your reversal.. im happy for you!!!! :)
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Hi i had my tubes tied in 2006, and i had my reversal in march 2011! I am currently pregnant now :)

have you had any luck conceiving? Good luck! <3
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Hi ladies, My DH and I are preparing to have my tubal reversal done on 4/17/12. Super excited, for the surgery and to have found a forum that actually discusses tubal reversal, hope you will allow me to join early since the surgery has not been completed yet.
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